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Begin Advance Care Planning with Strategic Aging in Mind
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Begin Advance Care Planning with Strategic Aging in Mind

At 90, Millie appeared to be complacent with age and content having others tell her what to do. Every morning Millie experienced transient vertigo while getting out of bed. She happened to tell her visiting nurse about it and she detected an irregularity in Millie’s heart rate and elevated blood […]

3 Tips For Women Worried About Outliving Their Retirement Nest Egg
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3 Tips For Women Worried About Outliving Their Retirement Nest Egg

Few things make retirees more nervous than the possibility their savings could run dry. And the situation can be even more troublesome for women, who are at greater risk of outliving their money because, on average, they live longer than men. In fact, women over the age of 65 are […]

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Expert tips for cultivating a nest egg

Expert tips for cultivating a nest egg that ‘really’ meets your nearing retirement needs                                                             While plenty of people are duly committed to saving for retirement through 401k, IRA or other nest egg-inducing personal finance plays, however devotedly and even over many years, it turns out several may actually be suffering […]

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6 Surprising Investing Mistakes

The ominous new study revealing that U.S. millennials are severely struggling with financial literacy begs a few critical questions—and not just regarding younger generations, but also older Americans with respect to personal finance proficiencies. These include “What exactly do younger generations need to focus on to take better control of […]

A Million Senior Voices
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A Million Senior Voices

 A Million Senior Voices By James Twyman “The senior audience just isn’t reliable,” the man said to me. “Why do you think most movies are made for young people? It’s because older people don’t go to the movies. If they did, more would be made for them.” I couldn’t believe […]

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In This Economy, You Better Learn How to Fight

By Dicky Sykes And I don’t mean with your fist, that’s what you did in grade school when someone ate your lunch.  That’s what you did when you lacked impulse control, emotional intelligence and the poetry, beauty and magic of the power of words. I’m talking about fighting to reinvent […]