WE Magazine for Women is delighted to announce our latest opportunity, to get featured on the Cover of WE Magazine. 

"On the cover of we magazine for women"

Prior to this, there were limited ways to get on the cover – to be named a Who’s Who Woman Rock Award Honoree or a Golden Mouse Award recipient through our promotional partnership with both awards.  Or to be listed on WE Magazine for Women as a Top 100 Who’s Who Woman in Business. Well, now there is another way.

WE Magazine is a totally digital magazine featuring articles by, for and about women. From time to time we publish a digital version featuring some of our latest articles submitted by our guest editors and readers.

Frequently women reach out to see how they can get on the cover and we now have the answer. Our newest initiative is called “On the Cover” and we are inviting women to submit their stories for inclusion and get their image on the cover of our magazine.

Here’s how it works:

Submit an interview based upon the interview options on our Get Featured pages.

You may also submit a narrative (without the questions) bio in lieu of the question and answer style as outlined above. If you decide to submit a narrative bio, it must be a minimum of 1100 words and include two images. One for the cover (and to post as the featured image in an online article) as well as one ‘in action’ photo. You may submit up to four images for either option.

In addition, we invite you to also submit an article on your topic area of expertise. This makes the submission a richer experience for the reader. And adds to the volume of the digital magazine.

There is a cost involved. You can scroll down to see the investment.

In addition to having a custom cover created with your image, depending on the option you choose (below) we also include your bio and article in the pdf digital issue.

And we create 3 additional images to share across social media platforms. We have a combined following of over 80,000 social media followers and share your story with our audiences.

We also highlight these features in email marketing to our audience of more than 100,000 database.

There are two options available.

Option One – $149

Cover image and interview/bio for our website similar to the ones in the 2022 Who’s Who Covers on this page – Who’s Who Cover Stories

This also includes 2 social media graphics that can be shared on your social. We too, will share these images on our Instagram, FB, X and LinkedIn accounts as well as Pinterest for Women in Ecommerce. (SEE BELOW for examples)

Option Two – $199

Cover image, image/bio, interview, an article supplied by cover story featured on our website and in the digital issue AND social media graphics as outlined above.  We add your cover story image and link to read it on our  Past Issues page as well as embed the flip version of the issue. You also receive a FREE Annual Premium listing on Her Business Listings Directory. (see below for samples)

If either of these options appeal to you, simply click the BUY NOW button and you will be taken to a page with al the instructions to submit your story.

Get your cover story before the pricing goes up!
Pricing is good through the end of December 2023

Getting your image on the cover of a magazine is a bucket list tick for many women business owners and professionals. In fact, there is a certain prestige that goes with having your image on the cover of WE Magazine.

Did you know… most magazines charge a minimum of $400 for a cover story and the investment can be up to $20,000 for the opportunity to grace the cover of a popular magazine. WE magazine has always been about promoting women and to make this affordable while being compensated for the time it takes to create the outlined options, we created the “On the Cover” feature.  Because WE believe you should get recognized/rewarded for all your accomplishments. And public relations experts can charge thousands of dollars to make a connection with magazines to get featured (that fee is in addition to what the magazine will charge).

How you can use this opportunity:

You can share your image/images on your own website and social media. You can add this feature to your media page. You can send a press release announcing your ‘cover story’ contact other media to get featured and more. The promotional value can live on long after the feature has been published. You have the opportunity to increase your influence, gain more followers, customers and add to your bottom line.

Remember to get your cover story before the pricing goes up! Pricing is good through the end of December 2023. At that time we will re-evaluate the pricing and benefits.

Sidenote: WE magazine gets hundreds of submissions and queries each month. We have a small team and cannot possibly feature each and every submission. WE created this option so the serious submissions rise to the top. Do we post non-paying submissions? Yes, we do. But they are typically submitted by people we have had a long-standing relationship with. Many of which represent clients who pay them to get placed in magazines.

So what is the real difference to paying a publicist or paying a magazine directly? The cost is generally a lot less. And WE Magazine has been published since the fall of 2006 – more than 16 years. In fact, WE magazine for Women is one of the longest running digital magazines on the web. We pride ourselves on quality over quantity, substance over fluff and value to our readers. WE do hope you will consider getting your story on the cover of WE Magazine!

Updated: August, 2, 2023