Here are just some of the many reader comments we have received since the debut of WE Magazine for Women:

the buzz (testimonials) about WE magazine for Women

Dear Heidi, Thank you so much for the wonderful review of “Jackie O: On the Couch!” I am delighted that you like the book so much. With appreciation,
Alma H. Bond, Ph.D.

“I just wanted to thank you again for posting the feature on Elissa Kravetz – we received such great feedback!”
Lindsay Whisler, Kravetz PR

“What a great new issue. WOW! I am so excited to be connected with you and your organization: the ad looks so good. You are first class and I am sending everyone to your site. The theme and articles are amazing.”
Rosalyn Cherry

“Thanks so much for including me in the 101 Women Bloggers to Watch 2010 list! I am honored and grateful.” Joanne Tombrakos – Writer. Author. Blogger

“We are so happy to see the article from our blog in your magazine and have forwarded it to our colleagues and friends as well so they can check it out. Thank you!” Michelle Moore & Michelle Frankley

“You’re doing such a fab job with the magazine (and everything else!).
Very best wishes from England,”
Louisa Bird – Founder, Women’s Marketing Forum

Heidi.  What an amazing magazine.  I love it!  I will definitely be watching for it in the future, and will look further into it when I return from Nashville. Thank you for sharing.”
Tracey Ehman, Business Director – EPM Empowernet

“Heidi: There’s lots of great information in the magazine.  Thanks for sharing!”
Meredith Eisenberg, Yellow Highlighter Communication –

“Hi Heidi: What an incredible gift to women your magazine is! Congratulations.”
Doris Helge, Ph.D. Author of Joy on the Job and Transforming Pain Into Power

“So many people talk about what a good idea it is to develop resources for women in business, Heidi and the WECAI team actually do it.”
-Lena L. West, Creator, and CEO,

“I just had a look through the spring issue of WE. It’s definitely a good read. Thank you for posting the link for us to see. I’m a writer and write for several women-centric magazines and portals, could I possibly write for your magazine sometime?
I’d love to! Please do let me know… Have a great week ahead! “

Take care, Savia R. Freelance Writer

“Hi Heidi, I want to congratulate you on your great magazine. I love reading and I thought it was great with lots of helpful information.
I would love to subscribe so I can receive it when published. How do I do that?”

Ingrid Gonzalez –

“WOW  Heidi… I quickly went through it and saw our own Jenn and Marilyn in there. Plus Sage Hill Farms. And a whole bunch of other interesting women!!
Great job!! Very well done.”
Hugs,  Yvonne Osinga-Bisk

“Awesome Work, Heidi!! I cannot wait to get time to read it all. It is packed with great information. Congrats!”
Chris Carroll

“I just read WE Magazine, heard about it from Dina Giolitto.  The first issue is excellent.
I especially like the variety of perspectives – it was an interesting read.”

Cynthia McKenna LPC, NCC, Counseling and Life Coaching

WOW! Your new magazine is PHENOMENAL, Absolutely beautiful and chock full of great information.
Love the light blue background and simple layout. It’s easy on the eyes and easy to read. |
So many sites have so much stuff all over, you don’t where to look first. You’ve done it right.”

Lynn Meyer, Public Relations Director – Small Business Trends

“The WE magazine for women is one of the best resources I have read in a long time. The topics covered are timely, well written and on target for any woman who is seeking valuable information on how to succeed in today’s competitive market. The article on building wealth is one that any woman can benefit from. I would highly recommend this publication. Kudos to founder and publisher, Heidi Richards.”
Kathleen Gage, Turning Point Presents

“Heidi, you put the WE in WECAI, for all women. Congratulations on the launch of this latest We-Can-Learn-Together tool.”
Mary Hunt, Author “In Women We Trust”

“Whoo-hoo Heidi, Impressive publication.  You have delivered a rich resource that stands out above many online publications.
Bravo to you and your team for creating an impressive e-magazine!”

Lorraine Cohen, Business Coach & Life Strategist

“Dear sisters at WE, Congratulations on the new mag!!  We need all the feminine energy we can get in this world!!”
Anique Duc – Herwill Creations, AUSTRALIA

“Heidi, The first issue of WE is SO GREAT!!!!!!!! There is so much great information stuffed into this magazine. I am so excited for you and for us who get to read it. GREAT JOB!! The articles are full of terrific information and I have to go because I have to continue to read more.  I can’t wait to get the next one!  Please let me know when the affiliate program will be set up…I have about 15 women I am going to tell about The WECAI Network™ and WE magazine! Keep up the great work!”
Teresa Morrow, Morr Services & Key Business Partners

“WE Magazine – WOW!!!!!! What a phenomenal publication! I really liked your article “Name that Wine!” That was a really great read! I also loved Laurel Delaney’s article about why women are so natural at going global. I skimmed some of the other stuff… honestly, I think I’m going to run a nice hot bubble bath tonight, grab a glass of wine, WE Magazine and have my “me time” 🙂 This is the perfect read for women entrepreneurs – even when we’re off the clock LOL!”
Jenn Givler, Business Empowerment Coach

Wow. This is excellent – talk about over-delivering. When you said you were producing the magazine for some reason I thought it would be just a few pages long. This is such a fantastic resource with a really nice balance of articles.
Just a great read. I’m so pleased you asked me to get involved!”

Louisa Bird,

“Heidi, et al ~ I was very impressed with the latest issue of WE Magazine. I felt as if I wer reading a glossy, high-class publication.”
Denise Landers ~ .

Hey, Heidi. Love the WE magazine! Didn’t know about it until now. Beautifully designed, too. Must send you an article!”
Barbara Payne,

“Congrats, Heidi! I’ve been by to view the new look and am very impressed! You (and Heidi Caswell) did an excellent job.” Debbie Stevens

Thanks, Heidi! WE magazine is full of great content , you’ve done well putting it together. It has been fun watching it come to life. “
Heidi Caswell,

“The site is fantastic! And SO MUCH information!  I can’t wait to post it to my blog.” Pam Archer

“WE Magazine is truly awesome! Every issue continues to impress and is jam-packed with wonderful information and highlighting some awesome women. Keep up the fantastic work!” Beverly Mahone, Founder Boomer Diva Nation

“TOTALLY AWESOME, TOTALLY! Love and light,” Pat ~ Creator of fine wood pens

“Wonderful Issue Ladies. I love your new look. As a fellow magazine publisher who knows what goes into putting together each issue, Kudos to all involved for a great job!” Sherry Lynn Simoes

“I recently ‘discovered’ WE Magazine for Women onlineand was very excited to find such an embracing inclusion of  both the financial and spiritual issues affecting women’s lives.” Kim Sillen Gledhill

“I work on behalf of Chrity Choice Gift Cards, one of the gifts you featured in “It’s 5’oclock Somwhere Brainstorming.’ Thank you for including us in your story!” Stephanie Robinso, Associate

WE Magazine just gets better and better. As always, tastefully layed out and filled with excellent articles. I am proud to be represented in such fine company.” Best regards, Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

The WE Magazine looks fabulous, Great Job!” Debra Stokes

The article is awesome. Thank you so much for posting it on WE magazine. i can’t tell you how honored I feel. You are an amazing and generous woman and I feel so blessed that we have become acquainted!” Warm regards, Stacy Shelton

“I got so much out of this issue. Thanks!” Lorna Hartman

“Thank you Heidi for the post!  It is great to be a part of WE Magazine for Women. Give yourself a high five…You are a ROCKSTAR!”
Nicki Noftz ~ Pilates Instructor

“Dear Heidi, Your magazine is probably the best online magazine I’ve ever seen.  It is phenomenal and packed with a wealth of great and useful information. I’ve seen a lot of magazines, but yours is the best!!!”  Sincerely,
Cyndi Cynthia G. Boyer ~ Inspiration from my Heart to Your Home

“WOW Heidi, WE just gets better with each issue. I read every article and I am just so impressed. I would compare  WE to the best of all the magazines on the market . I love it, the information and people are so ‘special.’ I can only imagine how much time and effort goes into this project…you are a trooper my friend. Thanks for all you do.”
Bea Kunz



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