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Thank you so much for doing such an awesome job on the article!  I have received a ton of response from it with a lot of interest in the book. All I can say is THANK YOU & Women ROCK! Angil Tarach, RN

WE Magazine for Women is a wonderful publication! It includes all kinds of information that we can use, but more importantly, WE has an attitude of helping each other and of emphasizing the importance of nurturing ourselves. Brava!, Marcia Barhydt

“Dear Heidi, I just took a look at your current issue of WE magazine, and I think it is wonderful.  I love the colors, easy readability, format…Thanks for all of your time and effort devoted to this publication.  You can be proud of it.” Sylvia Hepler, President Launching Lives

“Wow!  What a fabulous issue! Well… biased opinion from your Brazilian friend yet candor from a reader. Heidi, words cannot describe the feelings that you made me experience… when I, finally, had the WE magazine in ‘my hands’: highlights about my beloved country, magnificent spread about my Mom, along with very interesting women (including me!). With all my gratitude … Cheers to your exponential success!” Fondly, Rosana Santos, Big Chef

“Heidi, What a great eMagazine, I love it. I’m printing this edition and sharing it with my local networking group. I’ve been trying to put a newsletter together for my group, but haven’t had a chance too, sharing this one will do the trick!! Thanks for a wonderful edition. Keep up the good work!” Ingrid Gonzalez ~ ALCO Consultants, LLC

“Hello Heidi, I have gone over my article carefully and checked all the links and it looks perfect.  I REALLY appreciate you using my articles and am so delighted to be a part of your wonderful publication.Cheers,” Esther Kane, MSW ~ Registered Clinical Counsellor

“Congratulations.  Excellent article and beautiful photos!  I love this magazine.” Smiles, Iris Sauber

“Congratulations on a fabulous magazine. It’s very  inspiring to see what so many women are up to!” Best, Diane MacEachern, Author BIG GREEN PURSE

“Heidi, I’m thrilled to see today’s issue of WeMagazine. I am so very pleased to see your taking green to a level everyone can appreciate.  My moniker has been gogreen for some time now.  Your newsletter today will open many eyes in a different way.  It’s great reading solutions and trendy at that.” Warmly, CSea ~ Christian Sea Perkins Solution Resource –

“Hi Heidi Wow – the mag looks fantastic!  Even better than last time & loads to read 🙂 Many thanks & kind regards,” Jeanne,

Hi!  Congratulations! The magazine looks great! Wishing you great success with your divine mission. Many blessings,” Helene Rothschild

Heidi Heidi Heidi,
I just went through it skimming page by page. Amazing . . . you did it again! You had a dream, you had a vision, you set out to accomplish it . . . and you did!! Congratulations. Let me know when you want me to blast a promo of it to our lists. Way to go, my dear friend. I’m so proud of you I could burst!! ~ Bob Burg
Hi Heidi, I just wanted to write and say thanks personally for the article you ran in WE, you are a truly inspiring woman! Kind regards, Rebecca Woods (Professional Surfer)

Hi Heidi: My heartfelt expression of congratulations to you on your award for WE Magazine. You certainly deserve it! I’m proud to be associated with the magazine. Keep up the great work!
Hugs, Roz ~ Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

I’ve been reading the magazine every time I get the e-mail. the articles are fabulous. Thanks for being there and being committed to womens issues. Sincerely, Laura Schultz

I wanted to thank you for publishing the article about me and my daughter this week. It looks great! Your magazine is really good. I started to get hooked on reading the online issue. I‘ve given you a plug on my website .
Debbie Glade, Smart Poodle Publishing

I was thrilled you selected Chicks in Red Heels as one of your featured Mother/Daughter teams… Thank you so much for putting us in the spotlight! It’s all about connection and camaraderie.   Kick Up Your Heels! Joanne Estes, Co-Founder & President Chicks in Red Heels

My name is Rose King from ( We wanted to let you know that we featured your blog in one of our recent articles on our own blog. (100 Best Blogs for Women in Business ). Keep up the Good Work!

Heidi, what a fabulously concise list of information for women! I love it and hope you are well !! Best, Laura J. Schultz

I had such a great experience sharing my content on WE Magazine for Women. Thank you – Korie Cantor