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STK LA a Must Do-or-Dine Destination Courtesy of STK Los Angeles
Stay and Play at Jamaica Bay Inn Marina del Rey Photo Courtesy of TheLuxeList.com
North Italia Santa Monica Founded on Food with Integrity Courtesy North Italia/Fox Restaurant Concepts
Business How To Change Corporate Culture In 6 Steps

How To Change Corporate Culture In 6 Steps

A company’s culture plays a significant role in how successful that company will be over the long haul. But often as the world and circumstances change, that long-ingrained culture also needs to change – and that’s no easy task. “The challenge is that most people live every day without much […]

Relationships Better Sex Starts with Healthy Feet and Eyes – 7 Ways They’re Medically Connected

Better Sex Starts with Healthy Feet and Eyes – 7 Ways They’re Medically Connected

People are always looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom. Did you know the health of your eyes and feet have a lot to do with sex? In fact, the eyes, feet and genitals create an interesting triad that harbors countless connections for sexual and medical information. […]

Wealth & Prosperity 6 Ways Your Small Business Can Stretch Its Marketing Budget To Grow Revenue and Profits

6 Ways Your Small Business Can Stretch Its Marketing Budget To Grow Revenue and Profits

Small business owners and entrepreneurs envy the virtually unlimited marketing budgets of large companies. It would be fantastic to have an unlimited marketing budget, but that simply doesn’t happen in real life. Small businesses can’t spend millions of dollars on marketing. The average larger company spends around 9-12% of its […]



The theme for Women’s History Month 2018, “Nevertheless She Persisted: is a leitmotif that I believe touches every woman, especially women in the still male-dominated world of business.  It is due to dogged tenacity by generations of persistent women that the future is bright for business women in the 21st […]

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Data theft is one of the biggest problems that companies face today
Online Shopping / Technology / Working Online

Data theft is one of the biggest problems that companies face today

Sensitive company data, sales reports, files containing negotiating tactics, customer lists, trade secrets, strategic documents, financial information, and intellectual property are all reported stolen by companies. The 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis report by IBM and Ponemon Institute pegs the average total cost of a data breach to participant companies at $3.7 million. A survey by Biscom, provider of secure communications software, shows that one in four employees admitted to taking data when leaving a company. About 95 percent of respondents said that it was possible to take data, because companies did not have any foolproof technology or policies in place to prevent theft. Data breaches and customer data theft dip brand value and erode customer trust. The price that companies have to pay is very high when a high-profile data breach, like that at Ashley Madison, takes place at their company. Here are a few tips to use to ensure data security and prevent data theft at your company. 1. Set a Strong Data Security Policy A strong and comprehensive data security policy will ensure that employees, contractors, and vendors are aware of your commitment to confidentiality and privacy of company and customer data. You should clearly outline terms of use, operation, and access. All employees cannot be allowed full access to network systems. Regulated and restricted access will ensure that you know which employee is exposed to what data. There are three parts to a comprehensive data protection plan. It involves primarily two policies and one procedure. Companies must put in place Acceptable Use Policy that outlines how company assets – including data and information – are used.Copying and sharing of files and other information should be strictly monitored. The use of software programs or computer hardware that significantly compromises company security should be strictly prohibited. Data Classification Policy will help companies have control over the vast amounts of data that is stored in servers and networks.This policy aims at classifying all company data, categorizing the information, and deciding how long particular data should be retained. All departments will have to be equally involved in this process and carry out classification and categorization of data. This also allows companies to chart out methods to protect and control sensitive data. You should have a streamlined and well documented procedure to properly handle computer and other mobile devices that new employees will use at work. There should also be strict protocols governing the decommissioning of systems because computer forensic evidence will not be acceptable in the court of law against an employee who has stolen data, if the IT department has significantly altered the computer after his/her departure. You will also require the services of an experienced employment attorney in Dallas to further help you in legal proceedings. A strong data security policy will make everyone in your organization aware of the rules, and will also make it easier for employees to spot malware or suspicious activity and report them. 2. Manage Your Passwords Employees will be accessing accounts and networks that require them to sign in with passwords. Educate employees about the need to have a strong password and unique username. They should also be advised to change passwords frequently, or at least every three months. Also, remember to encourage employees to adhere to the rules on their own. Forcing them to change passwords may prove counterproductive. Cyber security needs employees to play a proactive role. Sensitive data that employees need is often stored on central networks which can be accessed by logging in. If your employees access highly sensitive data from remote locations, it […]

How to make a career change your smoothest ride ever
Careers and Work

How to make a career change your smoothest ride ever

By Sarah Brandis Career changes are exciting and intimidating at the same time.  A whole world of possibility opens up before you; and with it, that little nagging voice in your head… “Can I really do this?” “What if I made the wrong choice?” I won’t go on – you […]

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8 Products Smart for Spring

Spring is known as “the season of new beginnings,” so there’s no better time than the present to change up the way you do a few things in your day-to-day lives and, even better, solve some pesky problems in the process. Toward this end, I’ve curated eight great solutions that […]

Courtesy LottoGopher.com

LottoGopher Sets ‘Site’ on Making Californians Millionaires

Spring break and summer travel planning season is here, as throngs of people ready themselves for some well-earned, greatly needed R&R to reboot and recharge their proverbial batteries and generally connect on a meaningful and relaxed level with those they enjoy. However, with recent reports indicating that “the average vacation costs $1,145 […]

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

The capital city of Catalonia, Barcelona Spain is the second largest city in the country. It is located in the comarca (similar to a district) of Catalonia, along the Mediterranean coast and between the mouths of the rivers Llobregat and Besos. Over the last two decades, the city has undergone […]