Father’s Day Finds Dads Will Adore Copyright Stealth
Empower Cocktails Launches Ladies-Focused Spirits Line Photo Courtesy of Empower Cocktails
7 Diet Secrets of the Stars 7 Diet Secrets of the Stars
TV Personality Melissa Rycroft Reveals Health ‘Reality’ Copyright Starpower LLC
Business 7 Tips to maximise your office space

7 Tips to maximise your office space

The way your office space is used impacts the wellbeing and productivity of your employees. Optimising your workplace can not only help reduce real estate costs; it can transform the way people work and enable teams to reach their full potential. There are many initiatives you can place in to […]

Relationships Don’t Say “We” Unless You Mean It!

Don’t Say “We” Unless You Mean It!

We’ve noticed a trend and it isn’t a good one. Multiple clients, both individual and couples therapy clients, have brought up an annoying communication pattern. In fact, we have found ourselves guilty of this pattern in our own relationships. Let’s start with an example: One partner comes into the house […]

Wealth & Prosperity Self-Discipline And Saving Money

Self-Discipline And Saving Money

A great way to save money is to be aware of the fact that one has the power to define the state of her finances specifically through a conscious effort of disciplining the way one spends and controlling one’s expenditures. Self-discipline will most definitely be the key to reducing one’s […]

From the Editor Tips to Create a Great Virtual Graduation Party for Your GRAD-of-Honor

Tips to Create a Great Virtual Graduation Party for Your GRAD-of-Honor

Graduation season is going to be a little…”different” this year. Many high school and college seniors will be getting their diplomas in the mail. Commencement ceremonies are on hold. And very few will be traveling to attend post-grad parties. While graduating during a pandemic is no one’s first choice, entertaining […]

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Product Roundups
Product Reviews

Product Roundups

Here are our latest product roundups – product reviews for WE Magazine for Women: Rose Clay & Goat Milk Mask Rose Kaolin Clay helps increase circulation and lightly exfoliates tired city skin. Goats milk rejuvenates with fatty acids, trace minerals and omegas Fable’s skincare line was born from a desire […]

Meet Woman on the Move Yahozka Godfrey

Meet Woman on the Move Yahozka Godfrey

Yahozka Godfrey is Owner and Lead Photographer, Gabriela Cruz Boudoir & Photography and this week’s Woman on the Move Tell us about how you chose your career/business and what your responsibilities include? My journey into the photography industry was a bit sudden and unexpected. Before I became a photographer,  I […]

Leftover Bread

Leftover Bread

Leftover Bread by Wendy VanHatten The French Baguette was delicious…but there are a couple of pieces left and they’re starting to get a little hard. Your kids want sandwiches for lunch…but not the end pieces. There’s nothing wrong with the loaf of bread in your pantry…except it tastes a little […]

Meet Woman on the Move Dominique M. Carson
women / Women on the MOVE

Meet Woman on the Move Dominique M. Carson

This week’s featured Woman on the move is Dominique M. Carson, Massage Therapist & Freelance Journalist. This is her interview Career Paths: Writing has been my life-long passion since I was nine years old.  I knew I was going to be a journalist when I watched Teen Summit after watching BET. […]

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Healthy Eating

Folios Cheese Wraps Roll Out 3 All-Cheese, All-Natural Flavors

::: Folios Cheese Wraps Jarlsberg, Parmesan and Cheddar varieties trump traditional selections with gluten-free, lactose-free and low-carb options that are a keto dieter’s dream :::   With a global cheese market reportedly worth U.S. $69.7 billion in 2019, and further projected to reach U.S. $112.8 billion by 2025, one thing […]

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Healthy Eating

#VegHead Community Unites to Gift Nutritious ‘Veggies Made Great’ to Health Care Workers Nationwide

::: Throughout May 2020, industry-leading plant-based foods purveyor ‘Veggies Made Great’ is galvanizing its base to nominate health care workers to receive free supply of tasty, nutritious and immunity-boosting veggie-driven victuals :::   During this challenging time, each day health care workers from coast to coast have risked (and continue […]