Recently I recieved a product from Wylder Flett and Donna Forsythe, Co Owners of OllieGirl Inc. in Los Angeles, California.

"Product Review Makeup Gard Card by"Here is the description of the product:

The Makeup Guard Card – The Makeup Guard Card is an eye makeup tool used to help in the easy and accurate application of eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. Our simple latex free design with ruler measurements allows for precise eyeliner extensions evenly on both eyes and our beveled edges prevents eyeshadow fallout on the face. The trapezoidal design with rounded sides is made to fit any shape eye and gives an easy assist to mascara application. Retail cost: $8.95 per 2 pack

"Product Review Makeup Gard Card Mascara Shield"

OllieGirl is a new makeup tools company based out of Los Angeles founded by designer Wylder Flett and makeup artist Donna Forsythe. OllieGirl wanted to provide a well designed and value driven, simple makeup tool to aid in the application of eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara available to everyone, that tool being The Makeup Guard Card.


"Product Review Makeup Gard Card for Eyeliner"The Makeup Guard Card can be purchased at Nigel’s Beauty Emporium,, on our website on and soon at Ricky’s NYC




 “Thanks for creating a product women can actually use! And I like the neon colors. Makes it easy to find in a drawer full of other beauty essentials.”
Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher – WE Magazine for Women