"itens pain therapy product review"TENS therapy, an alternative pain management solution that’s been around since the 70’s, is getting a high-tech, mobile upgrade with the launch of iTENS.

The world’s first FDA-cleared, wireless TENS therapy device that works via an iPhone or Android based app, iTENS delivers therapeutic stimuli to provide instant, long-lasting and medical-grade pain relief. It sends tiny electrical signals through the skin to intercept pain signals from reaching the brain and helps to release endorphins, the body’s own natural pain fighting chemical. iTENS also measures your pain scale, tracks your results, and charts your progress.

Merging modern technology with the proven results of “TENS therapy,” it’s ideal for people in need of a portable, convenient and easy-to-operate, pain management solution that doesn’t involve taking prescription medication.

“We created the iTENS for people in need of a drug-free, portable and convenient method of pain management. It is thin, lightweight and can be discreetly worn underneath your clothing. There are no wires to get in the way, and the device can be easily controlled from the convenience of an app on your smart phone,” says iTENS CEO Joshua Lefkovitz. “This is technological efficiency and connected health at its best.”

And that it is! The iTens therapy device provides pain relieve from simple soreness to more intense issues such as back pain. The iTens actually delivers a therapeutic treatment stimuli to provide instant and long-lasting pain relief.

The iTens sells for $99 and comes in two sizes.  You can learn more and purchase a device or many of its accessories on the iTens Website .