• A Virgo owner is most compatible with a Taurus pet.
  • If you are a Pisces and want a strong bond with your pet, make sure they are a Cancer!
  • The relationship between an Aries owner and an Aries pet can be described as: dynamic, energetic and spontaneous.

Few people know that zodiac signs are not only something attributed to humans, but pets also have one too! And the sign of a pet can reveal a lot about the relationship with its owner. 

"How compatible you are with your pet"

With that in mind, the experts at PsychicWorld.com can reveal which star sign your pet should be in order to complement yours. 

What are the most compatible pet and owner zodiac signs? 

Aries Owner – Aries Pet

Aries people are very outgoing and energetic and so need a pet that will be able to keep up with them, which is an Aries pet! This duo are extremely dynamic and spontaneous. They can’t stay put for long, so you’re most likely to see them in the garden playing than on the couch. 

Taurus Owner – Libra Pet

This duo works for many reasons, but the aspect that ties them together the most is a shared love for food. They are also very likely to appreciate tidiness, so the Libra pet won’t make much mess – and the Taurus owner will love that!

Gemini Owner – Pisces Pet

A Gemini owner is most likely very relaxed, and content and they need a pet who won’t make too much noise when they are on the couch reading for hours. A Pisces pet will simply crawl up next to them and enjoy their owner’s calm company. 

Cancer Owner – Cancer Pet

This relationship is extremely loving. A Cancer pet would be the apple of the Cancer owner’s eyes and vice versa. The strong bond between the two is unbreakable, and they won’t spend much time apart. 

Leo Owner – Aquarius Pet

Both signs ooze charisma so when you see a Leo owner walking their Aquarius pet, both with their noses up to the sky, you’ll stop in your tracks and admire them. Aside from looks, this duo will have a lot of fun together as they both enjoy life to the fullest. 

Virgo Owner – Taurus Pet

Both signs appreciate cleanliness and being independent. Their relationship would be pretty relaxed and practical. They will be there for each other when cuddles are needed, but they also know how to respect each other’s alone time. 

"How compatible you are with your pet"

Libra Owner – Scorpio Pet 

The Libra owner is intelligent and sociable and so is the Scorpio pet! They will have a very exciting life together, far from ever getting bored. A Scorpio pet will be the one at the dog park performing all the tricks, making the Libra owner very proud. 

Scorpio Owner – Pisces Pet 

As both are water signs, they will have a deep understanding of each other, almost telepathic. A Scorpio owner will know exactly when their Pisces pet needs to go for a walk or needs a snack, and the pet will know exactly when their owner needs some extra cuddles. 

Sagittarius Owner – Gemini Pet 

Both the Sagittarius owner and the Gemini pet love to travel and to explore, so the pet will most likely have a passport and have visited more countries than the average person. Or at least you’re most likely to catch them out for a walk than at home. 

Capricorn Owner – Virgo Pet 

Both a Capricorn owner and Virgo pet prefer a long-distance relationship, so you won’t catch the pet on its owner’s lap too often. They enjoy each other’s company with little physical contact. The house with a Capricorn owner and a Virgo pet can be described as calm, quiet and clean. 

Aquarius Owner – Leo Pet

Similarly to a Leo owner and an Aquarius pet, this duo is just perfect for each. Everyone on the street will stop to admire both the pet and the owner who exude confidence. They love playing and having fun together and they’ll never get bored of being with each other.

Pisces Owner – Cancer Pet 

These water signs will have a very deep connection. A Cancer pet will always be there when the Pisces owner is feeling emotional, and the Pisces owner will always be there to give the best cuddles to the Cancer pet who loves attention. 


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