Well, maybe not save the world, but make a nice big dent in the cause to improve the environment at least! :0) I am a big fan of recycling and my newest thing I love to do is composting. Nothing gets wasted in my house! LOL Did you know that uneaten food now makes up roughly 12 percent of landfill material? My little garden is now blossoming thanks to old fruit peels, tea bags, newspaper clippings, leaves, shredded bills, and papaya skins, just to name a few. I know, sounds scrumptious doesn’t it?

I used to think my mother was NUTS or just a green thumb fanatic. When I would visit her, after I had made breakfast, she would lose it if I threw certain things in the garbage. She would make me put egg shells and tea bags in her gross pile of stuff for her plants. There was a pail she had way in the back yard and when she lifted the cover, it was not nice to see. LOL I had no idea what she was doing, but I did know she did have the greenest garden on the block! You could also live off the land. She had grapefruit, tangerines, tomatoes, peppers, callalou, pineapple, mint, just loads of things growing in her back yard along with beautiful roses and other flowers.

When my husband and I moved into our home with a garden, I started to read up on how you could recycle things in the home with composting. I only knew how to take care of house plants before,however now having a garden made me catch the ‘green thumb’ from my mom. So, I now see Mom wasn’t that crazy

If you can compost, I suggest you try it out and read up on details of what NOT to compost such as meats, fish, etc… Make sure you get good containers to put them in as well, since the smell is not always that pretty in the very early stages of it. Composting overall cuts out on garbage and it’s a great way to help out the environment and create your own rich soil for your plants.

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Now you know that there’s more to recycling than melting down plastic soda bottles to make new plastic soda bottles. These days you can turn medicine bottles into life jackets and old running shoes into new playground surfacing. How’s that for reincarnation? Check out this new little tool I found that helps you get creative with going green!

Keep Livin’ Good!