"newsletter icon"One of the ways that women in business hurt themselves most is when they fear and loath Marketing.

This is pretty funny because women are NATURAL MARKETERS!

We LOVE to share our opinions, our passions, and our assistance!

In fact, just try shutting us up…

And that’s what Marketing is:

1. Sharing what we care about

2. Building real relationships

3. Giving free value to the people who need us… until they’re ready to invest in themselves.

In fact, the more you make your Marketing about giving—giving useful information, resources, and the sincere caring in your heart—the easier it’ll feel, and the better it will work for you financially.

We’re so lucky… it’s as if the Internet was designed just for women. We get to sit at home and form meaningful connections and relationships with people around the world who share our values and want to hear our voice… safely, at our own pace, in our own environment… for free or cheap…

What’s not to like?

The biggest challenge for us women (because our brains are set up to think globally and see a all our options all our time) is figuring out where to put our effort first.

What’s the one activity that will give you the most bang for buck (and your time) in terms of creating relationship, offering value, and making you money?

In my business, it’s been my ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTER.

I love Facebook, my websites, all my social media tools, etc, but I MAKE MONEY every time I send out an email.

Even when I’m not “selling” anything.

When I don’t send out my newsletter, money stops coming in.

My newsletter has been my number one tool for business growth since November 2002. It took me from earning a hundred dollars a month in my business to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

It’s front and center, my top priority in marketing.


• It gives website visitors something TO DO on your site besides hire you or leave.

• It builds relationship, familiarity, and trust over time.

• Good content sells you better than selling does.

• You develop a clear voice that builds your BRAND.

• You discover what your audience wants. It’s EASY to sell what people want…

• You build up a body of writing that you can REPURPOSE later.

• It’s a mitzvah, a GOOD DEED. You’re sharing wisdom freely. Whatever topic you address will be exactly what a reader out there needed at that moment.

• You build customer LOYALTY: your subscribers are likelier to buy from you than anyone else. They are more likely to re-buy from you.

• You can give them SPECIAL GIFTS and freebies that aren’t on your website.

• When you want a QUICK INFLUX OF CASH, you’ve got a list of fans. Come up with a special JUST FOR THEM!

• It’s CHEAPER AND MORE EFFECTIVE than print ads.

• It’s the most respectful and unobtrusive (and realistic) way I can think of to stay in touch with thousands of friends, clients, prospects, fans, and curious strangers on a REGULAR BASIS. People want to test you out before they buy. They may want to test you out for a lot of years before they buy!

• An ATTRACTIVE, FUN, HELPFUL, GENEROUS, CONTENT RICH newsletter makes your case for you.


1) Don’t send emails to your subscribers from your home email. Your email account will get marked as a spammer. Use a professional service like “Constant Contact” or “Aweber.”

2) BRIBE BRIBE BRIBE BRIBE: you exist to build your list. Record a free audio class, offer a free report or assessment… ANYTHING that gives away something someone wants in exchange for signing up. If people come to your website and they don’t give you their information, it’s as though they were never there.

3) Send out emails FREQUENTLY. It’s counter-intuitive. You’ll worry you’re bugging people if you send out more than one a month. But it’s necessary send them out more frequently–at least twice a month, if not once a week. Frequency creates a sense of relationship and keeps you Top Of Mind. After years of sending one email and month and seeing no growth to my subscriptions, I switched to weekly emails and quadrupled my subscriber base in six months.

4) Comply with the law! Only send emails to people who sign up to receive them, and clearly post an “unsubscribe” link for people who change their minds.

5) Connect your newsletter to you blog to increase website traffic and your search engine ranking on Google.

6) Connect your newsletter to Facebook and Twitter to get even more exposure and subscribership… without doing any more work!

7) Have fun. Make it easy. Sound like yourself. Talk about what you care about. Keep it short!


Warm regards,

Morgana Rae
Money Goddess