Australian Twins got ‘high octane’ support from their mother!

diana and kate harkerAustralian born National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Drag Racing Twins, Kate and Diana Harker know that it takes more than good looks and a fast hot rod to win on and off the race track. This dynamic duo spends their time overseeing and running the day-to-day operations of their drag racing team. They consume countless hours working with their parents to ensure every details is taken care of so they can blast their way down the quarter-mile in speeds over 270MPH.

This family plays together and stays together. Kate and Diana’s mother, Jenelle is the back-bone of the family, keeping her husband and daughter’s in-line and on-track. Jenelle is an integral part of the operations and mechanics on the race vehicles, the head chef, the mentor, the guidance counselor, and the behind the scene’s negotiator.

Kate and Diana travel with their parents Steve and Jenelle to some eighteen NHRA race events per season spanning the United States. Jenelle is always there when the twin’s race, she is the first one to hug them with their father after a pass down the race track and keeps the encouragement spirits high. Jenelle has been married to Steve for thirty-three years and has never missed a race event. Mrs. Harker gets her hands dirty working on the race vehicles and so do the twins as this was a stipulation that they had to know and understand the mechanical aspects of the race vehicles if the twins were to drive these powerful machines.

We are very lucky to have mom” comments Kate “Not too many mothers get involved in the racing like our mother does, which is a great encouragement for our careers. Our mom works on the race vehicles and knows as much of the mechanical operations as dad. Mom is a great role model for us simply because if mom can do it so can we.

Mom is always our pillar of support and strength” said Diana “Mom works alongside us to promote our racing careers and never stops, just keeps going and shows us that we can achieve our goals by working hard. Our mom is hands-on not just a cheerleader for our careers and we are grateful to have her.

The twins have accomplished a lot in their racing careers and continue to grow everyday learning new business or marketing concepts” tells Jenelle “I am glad to be there for them and will support them as much as they need and in whatever decisions they make. Kate and Diana have a unique opportunity because they compliment each other so well in their personality and abilities it is wonderful to watch and encourage them to grow in their careers and in life.

Kate, Diana and Jenelle will continue to work together in their coming NHRA 2010 racing season. Jenelle will be at the fore-front of every event the twin’s race, ready to work alongside her husband and daughter’s to help them succeed. And the twin’s will have their mother’s dedication, support, love and encouragement with them when they speed on down the race track.

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