"You Are Never Too Old for Love"One thing you both want to remember is that you are never too old for love and companionship. As you age your relationship may be less about sex and more about being there for each other. You can still console and comfort each other when necessary.

There is no reason why you cannot go out on dates, have romantic dinners and just appreciate each other again. Why not take turns cooking each other a romantic dinner and set the table with candles and flowers?

It is the small things that often count as well. How about making your spouse a tea or coffee in the morning, if it is usually something they do for you? If they make an effort to get the morning newspaper, switch turns for a few days.

To enjoy your senior years with your spouse you first need to be happy with who you are. Are you satisfied with your life? Are you still active and have hobbies or activities that you enjoy? Or are you at a point where your health and mobility is affecting your daily life? Other areas that you may want to look at include if you have accepted the person that you have now become?

If you can say that you are happy with your life and your health is good then you can concentrate on enjoying time your spouse. Even if certain health issues get in the way, look for ways that you can still be active and enjoy certain things together.

If you used to play golf but can no longer walk the course, can you rent a cart or play a shorter game of golf? If not, how about taking up a new activity that you can both enjoy together.

Swimming and Tai Chi are two sports that many seniors enjoy together. Plus it gets you out of the house and meeting new people.

Your senior years can sometimes be challenging and frustrating. While you may still feel young at heart, your body may not agree. This is often the most challenging aspect of facing your senior years. You need to accept that your body is not as flexible as it used to be.

Instead of feeling frustrated try and look at certain things with a sense of humor. You may find that laughing at some aspects of your life, makes it easier to bear. Remember everyone had a sense of humor when they were younger, just don’t lose yours!

Your golden years should are for enjoyment, ideally with your spouse. By planning ahead and preparing for this time you can both enjoy a wonderful time.