We Magazine Logo CoverI have the opportunity to share with my readers a little bit about a very courageous woman named Lady Cerelli. As you read Lady’s responses to the questions below, you will see how she has been able to heal from within herself after years of abuse and hurt from others.

What did you learn about yourself from writing this book? I learned who I am and what I needed to do to change into the person I am today. It was truly devastating to discover that 40 years of my life had been built on a lie. I had suppressed the military rape for over 40 years and was not aware of why I had behaved the way I did until I was nearly 60 years old. The hardest part of this journey was sifting through the various aspects and parts of my life and my inner core to discern what I wanted to keep, what I wanted to change, and what I needed to let go. The biggest surprise was after carrying around the incest memory for over 50 years; I had to refer to the book for a piece of information that had faded. I knew this to be a major sign of healing. When you have dealt with what caused the inner anger, the trauma no longer retraumatizes. The trauma actually becomes just a memory that eventually fades away or can be put into a place in the brain where we can see it but it doesn’t affect us. The biggest pleasure is after the anger I had carried around with me for over over 50 years, I discovered the love of self. Not only have I forgiven my abusers and all those who have harmed me, I have learned to love them, including my rapist. I despise what they did to me and would not allow it today, but I now know they were hurting also. The impact of this revelation is even more phenomenal when I know that because I was pregnant at the time of the rape, it had caused me to psychologically abort 6 babies over a 10-year period.

Aside from this book, what other products and services do you offer? My path has taken me back to natural healing and have enrolled into a school of natural medicine, specializing in trauma – past and present. We have a DVD, Dance of Release (DOR), for sale on Amazon and once I get my button fixed on our website, will be for sale on our site. The DOR, through Qi Gong movements, opens doors of the Chakras to allow one to express themselves, not only through stress-releasing movements, but through heart, throat, and emotions, etc. We are looking to offering weekend retreats next year that will include using the third-view perspective of dealing with traumas and finish the retreat by making masks of empowerment. It, tentatively, will be a weekend of sharing, looking at and empowering oneself. This will depend on my two other staff members and their schedules. I shall also hope to be offering alternative methods to dealing with stress and trauma, through other websites, blogs, our site, etc. A lot of options are opening up right now and I’m looking at each one.

What makes this book unique? Every counselor or therapist who has read the book has learned information that was not available to them. Over 30 years ago, my methods of treating traumas through journaling and connecting with the senses during the trauma has been discovered by very few. I was told this method was cutting-edge. A couple weeks CNN had a severe PTSD victim share his ability to heal by journaling. Several have learned to do this from inner direction. I have other readers journaling their life right now and have amazed their therapists with their rapid healing. There is a technique in connecting the journaling to the senses and is shared through one-on-one. Once shared, the client can use it with their friends, family, etc. It’s a tool that can be used throughout their lifetime for addressing traumas immediately after they happen to help prevent the trauma from cementing into the psyche. The book also helps family members of a PTSD victim to understand what is going on. Relationships often break up more often because of the inability to understand what is going on or if it is felt there is no hope. The book offers hope and understanding.

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