"Worth Reading: You Can Beat Lung Cancer"


Dr. Carl O. Helvie Author of  You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Using Alternative Integrative Interventions shares his journey with lung cancer including the care and treatment. 

1.Why did you write the book You Can Beat Lung Cancer Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions

My purpose for writing the book was to make people aware of the opportunities available for successful non-debilitating treatments for lung cancer and ways to prevent a recurrence and remain healthy afterwards. It is always the patient’s choice about treatment options when faced with a diagnosis of lung cancer but having information available beforehand about natural alternative interventions is important for that decision-making because patients are most often offered chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation as the only options.

2.Lung cancer has few symptoms before it becomes advanced and difficult to treat. Why did you seek medical attention? 

I had a dream that told me to go for a chest x-ray.  I pay attention to my dreams because I believe that is one-way God speaks with us, if we listen. Sometimes he speaks through dreams, sometimes through intuition, sometimes through other people or things we read. I have a strong faith in God and know that my life has often been guided when I am open to it.

3. As a registered nurse with a doctorate in public health who was taught traditional ways of dealing with diseases why did you choose natural, alternative interventions.

The doctor told me I would be dead in 6 months and I did not want to be debilitated during those remaining months. I had seen many patients lose body parts or become very sick and debilitated as a result of surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation. I also had seen patents die shortly after having those treatments.  I also prayed about it and believed God supported a different more natural approach to treatment for me. .

4. What was your treatment plan?

I saw an alternative physician who had worked for the National Cancer Institute and when the medical association, government, and drug companies closed his practice because he was so successful he continued to provide care in private practice and I had to sign forms that I would not report him. After confirming that I had lung cancer he prescribed laetrile (vitamin B 17, amygdaline), apricot kernels, pancreatic enzymes, therapeutic doses of vitamin A and E, as well as B’s and other herbs, and supplements. The traditional literature says that laetrile will kill you or send you to the emergency unit because it has cyanide in it. I took both laetrile and apricot kernels for 2 years and never had any side effects. What the literature does not say is that enzymes around the cancer cells activate the cyanide in laetrile and normal cells do not have this enzyme so it is specific for cancer cells.  The doctor also prescribed a diet that was similar to current vegan diets that consisted of 75% raw fruit and vegetables with some additional cooked ones, grains and nuts (except peanuts that are high in protein:. No simple sugar (cakes, pies, candy or ice cream) or proteins (meat, poultry, fish, dairy) were allowed but I did take AG/Pro tables for protein.

As a nurse who believes in holistic health I added spiritual and mental components that included such practices as meditation, visualization, using affirmations, prayer, being on church prayer lists, serving others, strengthening faith, patience, and forgiveness and others.

5.What side effects did you have during this treatment regime?

I had no side effects from any of the treatment plan except at one point I did show some signs of protein deficiency and needed to take some predigested protein. It was surprising to me that I gained weight at one point  on this diet and had to cut back on some of the fruit.

6.What was the outcome of this treatment?

After two years on this regime the spot was gone and my primary doctor who thought we were in a wait and see mode because I did not share my treatment regime with him said he had made the wrong diagnosis. However, a physician friend in a southeastern state who was medical director of Blue Cross and Blue Shield asked to see the biopsy, lab tests etc and I took them all to him. He confirmed for the third time that it was definitely cancer.

Over the past 36 years since recovery I have followed a modified version of this plan and now at almost age 81, I am very active physically, mentally, and spiritually-hosting a radio show, writing for a magazine, writing books and articles, marketing my recent book, and setting up a foundation. I also have no known chronic illnesses or prescribed medications despite the average for a 75 year old being 3 chronic illnesses and 5 prescribed medications. So there were two successful outcomes to the treatment plan.

7. Why did you include chapters by other medical and health leaders in alternative/integrative cancer care?

I wanted readers to see that there are different natural/alternative successful ways to overcome lung cancer and not just the one I used. Just as thinking cancer patients should be offered more than chemo, radiation and surgery as the only interventions for cancer by oncologists I wanted patients to know  there is more than one way to overcome cancer naturally.

8. Do you have parting words for the readers?

I want the listeners to learn about the various cancer interventions so that if they are faced with a diagnosis they can make the decision that is right for the, I also want them to know that the decision is theirs to make, and not their doctor, family or anyone else. Others should give them the pros and cons of various approaches and the patient should make the decision.

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You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions

By Dr. Carl O. Helvie

Publisher: Ayni Books