"Womenopause, the book"Menopause Happens: But Now There’s An Antidote To The Misinformation Women Have Been Given For Centuries

Menopause is such a pivotal time in women’s lives in America that it now has a designated month (September is ‘National Menopause Awareness Month’).! Let’s face it; it’s not going anywhere; and in one way or another, at some point in her life, every woman is going to go through menopause. With this in mind, and knowing that it should not have to be a time of dread, Doctors Lovera Wolf Miller and David C. Miller wrote Womenopause: Stop Pausing and Start Living.

Womenopause is a virtual ‘makeover’ for women that is geared to helping them feel fit, feminine and fabulous – all in just four weeks! It is packed with the latest scientific information, solutions and advice that are designed to help women feel their absolute best during this vital transition.

We have become a nation obsessed with maintaining the appearance of youth – and this doesn’t help the anxiety level of the 6,000 women who are reaching menopause each day in this country. Their list of concerns just keeps growing: Will I lose my looks? Can I keep this weight off? Is my health going to deteriorate? Am I still sexy? Can I still be smart? Can I continue to be me?

Womenopause is not a ‘cure’ but it is an invaluable tool. By cutting through the hype, marketing and ill-informed opinions that have kept women on a roller coaster ride of popular trends; it presents a clear, fresh voice that offers real solutions. Womenopause invites readers into the intimate conversation that takes place between a woman and her female gynecologist.

While all women experience menopause, they do so in a unique way. Womenopause provides readers with a systematic guide that allows them to create their own “designer” treatment plan tailored to their individual needs – covering everything from hormones and hot flashes, brain and bone preservations, breast health, mood, skin, fitness, food, sleep, sex and more.

Dr. Lovera Wolf Miller is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist, a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology, and a NAMS certified menopause practitioner. Dr. David Miller is boarded in pain and anesthesiology, taught neuroanatomy at UCLA, was an instructor of courses in physiology and neurophysiology, and is also a NAMS certified menopause practitioner. Please visit their informative websites at: www.womenopausebook.com and www.womenopauseinteractive.com






Sharon J. Parish, M.D Professor of Medicine, Albert Einstein School of Medicine: “…it’s a fabulous book. Womenopause is a very well-rounded, comprehensive compendium on the female transition commonly termed menopause. …offers a refreshing look at a natural process that affects every aspect of the midlife woman’s health and well-being. They challenge standard social concepts of menopause as well as provide a new paradigm that focuses on vitality and wellness. The book offers a clear and understandable, yet thorough and scientifically sound explanation of the physiology of menopause and the anticipated physical, psychological and mental changes. The authors offer a well-balanced view of available remedies for symptoms including hormonal, non-hormonal-pharmaceutical, and alternative treatments. Also, they nicely discuss behavioral and lifestyle approaches. This book is a tremendous resource for any woman seeking to employ an intelligent and multifaceted approach to the Womenopause transition.”