Heidi SeifkasWith New Eyes: The Power of Perspective by Self-Proclaimed Adventurer, Heidi Seifkas officially launched earlier this month. Here is her author interview:

Tell us about this book

With New Eyes: The Power of Perspective shares the journey of architecting a new life, Life 2.0. The story is an inspirational, authentic account of life change through tapping into the power of perspective in unique ways. With New Eyes is full of mishaps, bold decisions, sassy humor, and many adventures. It inspires you to conquer your fears, head for adventure, and embark on your own Life 2.0.

"With New Eyes by Heidi Seifkas"Who did you write your book for?

I wrote this book for anyone who is at a crossroads in his/her life. I believe that just like software, people occasionally need life updates, whether to improve features, fix bugs, correct course, or even a complete life overhaul.

Is there a central message in the book?

The power of perspective is the central message of both this book and my first, When All Balls Drop: The Upside of Losing Everything. Whatever situation you find yourself in, it could be your DNA, your boss’ mood, or a road-raged driver, none of which you have much control. However, you do have the power to change the way you think about whatever the situation. There is a lesson in each circumstance. There are no wasted experiences. Every hurdle, wound, or life hiccup turns into wisdom through perspective.

What is the most important idea you are sharing in your book that will add value to the reader’s life

With New Eyes reminds us all to tap into the power of perspective. It is something that can be done through various ways. I share unique methods of seeing the world with new eyes throughout the book whether returning to one’s roots, getting out of your comfort zone by jumping out of a plane, learning a new sport, or traveling solo to South America. With New Eyes should inspire readers to conquer fears and head for adventure.

What is this Life 2.0 that you talk about in With New Eyes?

Life 2.0 is a reference to software and the updates needed to improve the programs. I called my life change a transformation to my life 2.0 because I got rid of the bugs, changed my charted course, priorities, and what some may call a complete overhaul. The result a truer path with frequent doses of perspectives to make sure that I continually check in on this life 2.0 or install an upgrade.

Most authors have one specific reason for writing a book. What was yours?

I wanted to inspire others. In a former life, I was a classroom teacher. I felt that the classroom and the high school audience wasn’t a good fit long-term. However, through writing and speaking, I have found a way to teach, inspire, and entertain readers without walls.

What do you hope to accomplish with it?

I want to reach as many people with my inspirational message as possible. My first book is transitioning to film; so, I would hope that this book would do the same. I’m in this for the long haul with my third book called Cubicle to Cuba in the works.

Who should buy this book?

The target audience is someone who is at a crossroads needing to take action or upgrade his/her path to a Life 2.0. The sweet spot would be women readers 18-80 that have interests in happiness, adventure, travel, and humor.

Where can readers find you and your book?

Readers can find my book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online sellers. It is available in both print and eversions. Additionally, I host various events and signings through the year. This fall, I will be co-hosting the South Florida Writing Retreat in Fort Lauderdale this October 24th, which will focus on writing strategies, marketing techniques, and publishing solutions. You can find my other events and connect with my social media accounts on my website, heidisiefkas.com