What Can I Say When Words Escape Me, being present in times of sorrow by Kathryn J. Williams

Tell us about your book.

My book is ‘a gift of compassion and offers words of hope’ during times of hardship. I believe, “Survival is part of everyone’s core.  It might be dormant, at times, but if you embrace your darkness, you’ll find a way to shine the light and reveal your path back to recovery.”  This is the message communicated within its pages.  I partnered with Jude Wilson of Press Lorentz Publishing in Ann Arbor, Mi.  Together, we were able to capture and present the essence of my heart packaged in a book offered as a “soothing work of art”.  It is an easy read, collection of inspirational writings reflecting a union of beautiful, nature photography and encouraging words blended by a subtle hint of spirituality.  It is my intention that my book sparks warmth that will touch your heart.  If you’re suffering a sudden life hardship, of any kind, purchase a copy of What Can I Say When Words Escape Me to help heal and ignite your passion for life again!   

What inspired you to write the book?

All of the writings were created through pain and hardship I suffered either directly or indirectly through friends and family who have touched my life.  I am a survivor.  I have overcome betrayal, loss through a loved one’s addiction, divorce, loss of health, loss of my Father and many others in my circle of life and loss of job.   The list goes on and on. 

What has your loss gifted or taught you?

It is so important to find your gifts; the silver linings packaged around the dark, storm clouds of your life.  Without my pain and suffering, I would have not found my purpose or ignited my passion to reach and help others through “healing arts”.  Because of my journey, which has been filled with loss and life’s lessons, I am a much stronger and more compassionate person today. 

What have you learned through your work that you can share with others?

I have learned that although fear is part of my daily existence, pushing forward and facing adversity is empowering and this feeds my soul.  Stepping outside of my comfort zone feels disabling, in the moment, but in hindsight, I realize, as long as my efforts are for the better good, I am filling my spiritual well and this nourishes my mind and body.  It is this balance I have been yearning for my whole life and, at forty, I have finally figured this out.  This new alignment has enabled me to reinvent myself and embrace my life-long dreams.  And, to my surprise, in priority, money is not the controlling factor.  In place, it falls very low on the list!

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