"Unlimited Power"Interview with Joanne McKay Motivational Speaker, Coach & Author of “Unlimited Power ~ Achieving the Impossible”

What is the book Unlimited Power – Achieving the Impossible about ?

Unlimited Power Achieving the Impossible details how a mother moved her down syndrome son from a vegetative state to high functioning.

Why did you write Unlimited Power?

To help others who find themselves in a similar position. Instead of not knowing how to handle things, I have given them a road map of what to do to get desired results. i.e. teaching the child how to bathe, tie their shoes, how to read etc. “Ten success principles are noted in the book.”

Tell us who should read this boo, in other words, who is your intended audience?

Parents of challenged children, birth – 12 years. Although the intended audience was mainly geared towards challenged children, it can help people of all walks of life in any type of challenging situation(s).

In the book you talk about the ten success principles, what are they?

– Set your goals now

– Surrender to A Higher Authority

– Stand on the Success of Others

– Stay Focused!

– Compromise Doesn’t Mean Quit

– Soar Pass Your Hurt Feelings

– Get Over Rejection Fast

– Get A Win! Win! Attitude

– You Can, If You Think You Can

– Faith & Action Equal A Winning Combination

Where can our readers get more information on the book?

Visit www.achievetheimpossible.org or email downsyndromemom@gmail.com for more information.