By Christine Carr

With three young children and a full time teaching job, what inspired you to write this book?

These days, parents are overstressed, kid’s lives are consistently over-scheduled, and as a result parenting has become an increasingly difficult challenge.  It’s work!  I wanted to tell a story that dares to tell the truth.  The book is humorous, heartfelt, and entertaining.  I wanted to highlight the undeniable gift of a mother’s true love and place that fact front and center for every one of us to recognize and be proud of. 
Each chapter touches upon a different aspect that women are faced with in their lives; do you have a favorite chapter?

Mother Daze begins with a story that sparked my motivation to pen this tale.  It then moves through my first pregnancy, towards my brand new territory as a parent, and then continues with the many issues associated with master-minding an entire household of responsibilities.  It’s hard for me to pick just one favorite chapter.  Honestly, I love them all.  I think each chapter touches upon something important.  Angel’s Among Us, Value Your Friendships, Mental Medicine, Cherish Your Mother, Life is Like a PE Class, The Octopus, and Maternal Expressway are a few that jump to mind first.    

How is this book different than other books that have already been written on parenting?

It’s no secret that thousands of books have been written on the topic of motherhood, yet Mother Daze is not just another book ranting about the throws of parenting.  This book shines a beaming light down on the “girl that grew up” and reminds her to laugh.  I am not pretending to have the answers nor do I pretend to have this parenting thing all figured out.  I am not asking the women of the world to burn their bras at the local Village Green and I do not conceal a super–hero suit of spandex underneath my clothes. 

Nonetheless, I believe the unrealistic expectations placed on women in today’s society have gone a bit too far.  Unlike other books that have been written on this topic of motherhood, this story is told by a teacher.  I have worked with children between the ages of five to nine years old for the last sixteen years and I have witnessed thousands of young children demonstrate their need to rumble, tumble, and fumble.  I recognize the important need for all children to play fair, be kind, and work well with others… my P.E. activities do not work without it.  Life is like a game and we can all benefit from following the rules. 

What do you hope people will gain from reading your book?

According to a 2007 survey conducted by The American Psychological Association, moms between the ages of 35 – 40 feel more stress than any other age group as they balance child and parental care.  Unfortunately, many of these conscientious women spend most of their days doubting their every move.  Quite simply, I wanted to finally grant women a high-five for everything they get done. 

This book is about “doers” – women get it done everyday and they don’t necessarily need another list of tasks to accomplish.  Mother Daze is a celebration… a tribute in the truest sense of the word.  The story is based on real life accounts, straight from the frontlines of parenting, and it encourages us to take action in our own world.  I hope people will start recognizing the comedy, give themselves some credit, and above all, laugh at the ridiculousness of life. 

As a person that obviously likes the lighter side of laughter, how do you manage the chaos of everyday life at home with your kids?

I am certainly not laughing it up until the cows come home while parenting my kids on a daily basis.  But, I do try to look for the laughter after the annoyances have settled.  I place a huge value on my friendships – they are vital to my existence.  Without the ability to disconnect and spend time away from the nest, I would miss out on a lot of the joy that I get from my time spent with friends.  My husband and I have a very good system working that allows for equal options for enjoyment.  If he wants to play tennis one day, I may choose to do something else on another day. We equal it out so that everyone is happy.  As far as the issues with my kids, I try to stay as consistent as possible with them.  Not rigid, just present – I am aware of what they’re doing and if things are getting dicey, I step in when needed.  I want them to be fair, kind, and responsible kids. 

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