"Worth Reading: Hate to Say Goodbye"Interview with Ruti Yudovich the author of: I Hate to Say Goodbye

1. What’s the book about and what’s unique about this story?

A young girl growing up on a farm during the 50s and the 60s, side by side with a newly born state—Israel. Threats loomed everywhere: Arab neighbors, the hardship of nature as my parents –– war refugees, were making their home in the uncultivated promised-land.

You will read about forbidden young love among foes, farm life with its unique toils and delights. The book is filled with adventures where reality meets fantasy and valuable life lessons are interwoven into this stormy, tumultuous and tragic-comic family drama. This book, is like Chicken Soup for the Soul, (as it has many life lessons) with a taste of Fiddler on the Roof Israeli style.

2. Who is this girl and what’s unique about her?

The girl is I. From a very young age I was very aware of my surroundings. I was a philosophical tomboy; courageous during the day but at night I had nightmares about Arabs. I grew up with people who immigrated from all over the world and had the opportunity to learn from them and expand my own reality of other ethnic groups. The best part of it was being exposed to music from all over the world. As a musical girl it was a precious gift; at a very young age in kindergarten I would swing singing Tosca not knowing it was classical music but thought everybody knew the “song”.

3. Why did you write the book?

First, I wanted people to get to know Israel not from politicians or the media but from an Israeli and a humanistic child. Second, I wanted to rekindle people’s childhood; to bring back uplifting memories that ANY child, no matter where he grew up, experienced. Third, I am addressing the question whether people do meet by chance and whether we really separate from them forever.

4. Is this a true story?

It is not an autobiography but a memoir. When one writes a memoir sometimes one writes what he/she wishes would have happen and has the liberty to embellish the stories. So, I did take some creative license but I would say that 90% of what you are going to read is true.

5. You’ve been living in America for 32 years. What brought you here?

A tragedy. I lost someone who was very dear to me in very tragic circumstances. I was lost. Devastated. I felt I had to remove myself from the environment and people that reminded me of him. And as an adventurous soul I wanted to explore other territories. (smile)

6. If your readers only remember three of the life-lessons from your book, which would you hope they’d remember?

“No matter who you are or what you did; there will always be somebody who will not approve of you. So don’t try to live your life trying to please everybody.”

“Life is like catching bees; you will only get the honey if you are willing to be stung.”

“Suffering can make you strong or weak; your choice.”

7. Who should read this book?

This book is for anyone who loves delving into the childhoods of people from other cultures, other lands. It is also a great read for anyone who was a child!

What do you hope other people will gain from reading I Hate to Say Goodbye?

Inspiration to live life by not being afraid to taking risks. To not be afraid to lose one’s loved ones.