"Worth Reading: How To Look and Feel 7 Years Younger"Research has shown that simple lifestyle changes, like using the right skin care and hair care products, consistent exercise and strategic nutrition can turn back the clock by about 7 years, with results after just one week.

In January 2013, the editors of Good Housekeeping launched 7 Years Younger, a revolutionary, scientifically backed and comprehensive anti-aging book that helps women look and feel 7 years younger in just 7 weeks – with visible results in just one week. This will be the first program to address all 7 key areas to anti-aging to help women feel more youthful both inside and out, without the use of invasive procedures.

The 7 Years Younger program was conceived and created by Rosemary Ellis, Editor-In-Chief of Good Housekeeping and the Good Housekeeping “Dream Team” of experts, along with the directors of their renowned Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI). The easy-to-follow program involves simple lifestyle changes that can turn back the clock by 7 years. The program was tested by a panel of women, ages 34+, whose inspiring stories and results are included in the book. After following the plan, panelists noticed significant results across many areas, from losing 12 pounds and 10 inches to achieving a youthful appearance and feeling better than they’d felt in years.


7 Years Younger is the first program to address all 7 key areas to anti-aging to help women feel more youthful both inside and out, without the use of invasive procedures. Throughout the book, Readers will find tips that are easy-to-follow and stick with in order to look and feel 7 Years Younger such as:


• Cut back on food products that list sugar among the first three ingredients: Proteins in skin react with excessive sugar, causing skin to age faster.

• Little moves can add up to big benefits. Set your phone alarm to remind you to stand up, stretch, and walk around every hour. Try to walk 20 minutes every day. Always take the stairs. Moving vigorously and often in your daily life can burn up to 300 extra calories every day.

• To diminish brown spots on your face, look for a serum with ingredients like kojic acid and licorice. Apply it at night after you wash your face; the treatment will be more effective on clean skin.

• Keep calm and sniff lavender. Put a drop of essential oil on a cloth and slip it under your pillow to get a good night’s sleep.

• Say your intentions out loud (no matter how silly you feel): Speaking them increases the chances you’ll actually act on them.


Each chapter is chock-full of age-erasing product suggestions, tips and tricks, each centered on the practical philosophy that making small changes daily can yield significant results long term.

• Age Eraser 1: Reclaim Your Beautiful Skin – Expert advice and strategies for reclaiming younger looking skin. All of the beauty products recommended throughout this chapter and the whole book have passed the rigorous testing of the engineers and analysts of the GHRI.

• Age Eraser 2: Your Makeup Makeover: Expert Tips, strategies and product recommendations for age-defying makeup

• Age Eraser 3: Your Hair – Recapture Its Gloss, Bounce, and Body: Anti-aging techniques for hair care, cut and color to help retain hair’s youthful bounce, shine, body and fullness

• Age Eraser 4: Rejuvenate Your Diet (and Your Looks): Shows how to fortify meals and snacks with nutrient-packed foods that slow down the aging process.

• Age Eraser 5: Fitness That Feels Good: A series of anti-aging fitness moves and tips that help make exercise more pleasant and effective

• Age Eraser 6: Your Brain – Only Better: Tips and expert advice to train your brain to be younger

• Age Eraser 7: Say Goodbye to Stress: Stress-busting strategies to make readers more resilient and happier

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