Adaptable – How to Lead with Curiosity, Pivot with Purpose and Thrive through Change by Alexa Carlin

"Adaptable: How to Lead with Curiosity, Pivot with Purpose, and Thrive through Change"Life’s obstacles offer two distinct directions: They can push you backward or fuel you forward. The choice is up to you.

At 17, Alexa Carlin became CEO of her first company, designing jewelry that made a difference, one bracelet at a time. But at 21, she was induced into a medical coma and given a one-percent chance to live. In Adaptable, she shares the stories of her journey, offering powerful insights into hope, courage, and life’s challenges.

Written in a heartfelt and authentic tone, Adaptable invites readers to develop a new perspective on their past and current obstacles. The stories, lessons, and action steps that fill each chapter gently guide readers back to their true selves, allowing them to connect deeply to their inner light and shine brightly with their true purpose.

Alexa encourages and inspires readers to use their own challenges not as a reason to abandon dreams, but as a springboard from which to thrive.

The Treehouse on dog River Road by Catherine Drake

"The Treehouse on dog River Road by Catherine Drake"A young, determined woman figures out life and love while staying true to herself in this whip-smart and genuinely witty debut.

Twenty-eight-year-old Hannah Spencer wants nothing more than to change everything about her life. After ten years of living in cities, Nathan Wild has just moved back home to Vermont and doesn’t want to change anything about his.

Recently laid off from her depressing job in Boston and ready for a challenge, Hannah heads to Vermont for the summer to take care of her sister’s kids and do some serious soul searching. There, against the stunning landscape of the Green Mountains, she embarks on an ambitious project: building a treehouse for her niece and nephew. As she hammers away, she formulates a plan to jump-start her life with a new job out West. But will Nathan-next-door complicate her desire to change course? A witty, romantic, and inspiring story of a young woman taking control and making tough choices about love and work to build the life she wants, The Treehouse on Dog River Road will have you rooting for Hannah every step of the way.

Crazy – reclaiming Life From the Shadow of Traumatic Memory by Lyn Barrett

"Crazy - reclaiming Life From the Shadow of Traumatic Memory by Lyn Barrett"

Can Lyn reclaim her sanity in the midst of chaos and confusion? A happy wife and mother who loved nothing more than taking care of her brood, Lyn Barrett was knocked off course by a family crisis that triggered her inner world to crumble. Her diagnosis of multiple personality disorder, now known as dissociative identity disorder, threatened her life as she knew it, her family, and her future. With the knowledge that DID is a coping strategy young children use to protect themselves from chronic trauma, Lyn embarked on a journey to discover her trueself. Lyn’s story is a life-changing gift for all the survivors of trauma and those who love them, and for anyone who wants to educate themselves on trauma-induced dissociation particularly as it manifests as DID. There are  resources listed in the back of the book as well as a reading discussion guide for groups.



An Updside Down Sky by Linda Dahl 

An Upside-Down Sky’s cast of characters, including their Namyanese guide, mirrors America: straight, gay, gender-fluid, black, brown, white, progressive, conservative, artistic, repressed, old, young. Some of them accept Nanyam’s charming façade at face value, while others seek to understand the country’s brutal repression by the military and ongoing ethnic conflicts. And most, resistant as they might be to change, are transformed by their time there.

What We Give, What We Take by Randi Triant

"what we give what we take"What We Give, What We Take is the indelible portrait of a mother and son eking out lives on the periphery, first together, then apart. With a tenderness for life’s misfits that recalls Carson McCullers, Randi Triant, in this remarkable novel, hauntingly evokes Fay’s and Dickie’s complexities, and those of the men and women who exploit, brutalize, nurture, and adore them.” —Claire Messud, author of the national bestselling novels, The Woman Upstairs and The Emperor’s Children

Ultimately, What We Give, What We Take is a deeply moving story of second chances and rising above family circumstances, however dysfunctional they may be.

Rise Like a Phoenix by Geraldine Mair

RISE Like a Phoenix, the first in the series, is a highly pragmatic book based on many personal experiences. It is the culmination of years of work and research into human habits that everyone is conditioned by. To reach any goal in life you need to learn the lesson, find the positive, and move on. You will learn how to shift those limiting patterns that hold you back and reignite your passion for life. Everyone has memories from the past that caused them pain; it can either define you or give you the fuel to change and choose who you want to become. Obstacles are often dispersed like thorns across the path, hindering your progress; your fear is the immobilising anchor encouraging you to stay within the confines of what’s familiar. You will learn how to change through choice, reprogramme restrictive thoughts and how your mind tricks you to encourage conformity. And so much more. It’s time to discover your power and use it to design the life you really want and I can show you how inside the pages of this book. So, immerse yourself in this new knowledge and start the process of elevation beyond your own conditioning towards mental toughness. Step into your greatness… Rise Strong, Accept and Soar.


Running Naked in the Snow by Linda Joy Walder

Linda Joy Walder has written poetry in her mind daily since childhood. Now, the time has arrived for her to share her creations with a debut collection of works, deeply rooted in a lifetime of magical and mournful circumstances.
As the Founder and Director of a trailblazing not-for-profit organization, Linda has led the global community for the past 20 years in accepting, valuing and supporting the diversity of adults diagnosed with Autism. Her personal journey of resiliency and hope has inspired the Autism community and beyond who gravitate towards Linda’s compassionate and innovative spirit.We Are The Kings by Ariane Torres

I know you Love Me Too by Amy Neswald

"I know you Love Me"Eight years apart, half-sisters Ingrid and Kate suffer the loss of their shared father when Ingrid is twenty and Kate only twelve. As they negotiate their uncertain sisterhood, Ingrid struggles with her artistic identity and love life while the hairline cracks expand in Kate’s seemingly perfect life. Told from multiple perspectives, I Know You Love Me, Too follows Ingrid and Kate as they investigate the mysteries left by their father and the riddles posed by their own lives.

The Go-Giver Marriage by John David Mann and Ana Gabriel Mann

"The Go-Giver Marriage by John David Mann and Ana Gabriel Mann"From the author  of the bestselling Go-Giver series and his wife, a clinically trained therapist, this one-of-a-kind relationship guide shows readers how to unlock a deeply satisfying, abundant relationship based on simple, everyday acts of generosity.

In this new narrative, a position has opened up at the top of the multinational giant Rachel’s Famous Coffee, and Tom desperately wants the job. To gain the position, he must first go through a series of interviews with the company’s top executives, including its eccentric CFO, Jeremiah. Tom’s wife, Tess, is facing her own challenges. The couple first met on the job, where Tess was a rising star—until her career was put on hold by the birth of a son with special needs. The trauma and heartbreak of the past six years has put tremendous stress on their marriage. Now, Tess has learned that her best friend Amy is getting a divorce. Could she and Tom be drifting in the same direction? The thought leaves her stomach in knots. But Tom and Tess are about to have a transformational day. Over the next few hours, they will each learn from a wise cast of characters (including some surprise guests from previous Go-Giver stories) about five powerful secrets to building a love that lasts.


The Success Factor – Developing the Mindset and Skillset for Peak Business Performance by Ruth Gothian

"The Success Factor - Developing the Mindset and Skillset for Peak Business Performance by Ruth Gothian"High achievers share the same four attributes: intrinsic motivation, perseverance, strong foundation, constantly learning through informal means. The key to their success is that they do all four of these things at the same time. Based on research and in-person interviews with astronauts, Nobel Prize winners, and Olympic champions, The Success Factor outlines the approach that individuals aspiring to improve their performance can adopt.