"Courage of the Soul is Worth Reading"Wise Woman Collection – Courage of the Soul

Here’s an Interview with the Authors:

1. What inspired you to write this book – I was inspired to write this book as I pondered the idea that it takes a tremendous amount of courage to live a human life. Each of us is a warrior, taking a personal heroic journey, facing the challenges presented to us along the way. I wanted to create a vehicle for everyday people to share their stories of overcoming the obstacles that life presents.

2. Tell our readers about the Book – Wise Woman Collection-Courage of the Soul is a book that chronicles the life-changing events of ordinary people who found their measure of courage, and through their will and determination they have not only survived their circumstances, but they persevered. And having persevered, they triumphed. In Courage of the Soul, the reader will find a connection between the narrated stories and their own life experiences. In reality, the stories of each of us are the stories of all of us. And in our own unique way, each of us has met life’s challenges by taking the journey required to unearth the courage of our own soul.

3. What inspiration did youreceive from this book – I came to understand that real-life stories underscore the fact that we all share problems, shortcomings, successes and failures. They reveal the reality that someone has been there before and persevered. I believe we all relate to the plight of others, understand that a problem can be solved, and perhaps be offered a suggestion or at least a word of encouragement.

4. Marion’s activities – I am the editor in chief of NextGenerationParenting.org and BraveNewLeaders.org and the founder of the Angel Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to parenting support and youth empowerment. I enjoy painting and escaping into a good movie.

5. Getting in contact with Marion – I can be reached at my website at marion@ marionwitte.com.

6. How can we learn more about the Wise Woman Collection – You can read more about the Wise Woman Collection books at wisewomancollection.com .


Here’s an excerpt from Wise Woman Collection – Courage of the Soul (from The Tea Cups)

It was with more than a little trepidation that I slid into the front seat of my brother’s truck for the ride from my hotel to my mother’s house. I was in Fargo, North Dakota as part of a ten-day adventure to visit family and friends in the Midwest, and my daughter Angela was accompanying me on my journey back to my homeland. One of the goals of this trip was to say hello to my mother, or at least knock on her door in an attempt to find out if she was interested in talking to me. We had not spoken for eight years, and during that time I had published a book about my life and my childhood experiences on the farm on which I was raised. I assumed that she was not happy about the contents of my memoir and so I expected that she may not answer the door, or perhaps she would slam it in my face. I had braced myself emotionally and mentally for either of those outcomes.

What I had not prepared myself for were the events that would actually unfold.

My brother Frank also lives in Fargo, and he graciously offered to assist me in making the connection with my mother by placing a telephone call to her to confirm that she was home. He asked my mother if he could stop over to take a look at something on her car and I heard him tell her to make sure she was up and dressed. He said nothing to her about me being in town.

My brother picked up my daughter and I at our hotel and we made the short trip to my mother’s house. When we arrived, I exited his truck and stood in the driveway by the vehicle’s open door. My brother walked up to our mother’s front door and knocked on it. I saw it swing open, yet I did not immediately see my mother as she remained inside. I heard him say to her “You won’t believe what the cat has drug in!” My mother stepped out, looked over at the truck, and then at me. A look of anguish came over her face, and I saw she was, to put it mildly, shocked. She hesitated for a moment, and then she proceeded down the sidewalk.

As the contorted look on her face started to gradually fade away, I focused more clearly on the woman walking towards me. I was struck at how much weight she had lost since I had last seen her, and the degree to which she had aged. She was maneuvering pretty sprightly down the sidewalk towards me, appearing much younger than the person who now had so many wrinkles on her face. This was all a bit disconcerting to me and I was trying to take it all in as she approached the truck.

She stood directly in front of me, looking me squarely in eyes, with no further motion. I took the initiative to make the first move and I reached over and put my arms around her and hugged her. Then I said something that I do not ever remember saying to her – “I love you, Mom.” She reacted to neither the hug nor my words, and I released my hold.

The complete story and many others can be found in Wise Woman Collection-Courage of the Soul.