"Breakthrough: The Five Living Principles to Defeat Stress is worth reading"Reach Out and Grab The Life You Deserve

If you don’t wake up every morning eager to see what gifts the day has to offer, Shea Vaughn has a few words for you. She is the founder of the SheaNetics® concept, a fresh and thorough approach to wellness, exercise and mind-body health. “SheaNetics takes the benefits of fitness one step further,” she says. “It’s about uniting the mind and body to reach your goals.”

In her new book Breakthrough – The Five Living Principles to Defeat Stress, Look Great and Find Total Well Being (HCI), she tells the story of the mental and emotional sides of SheaNetics® and the inspiration and answers to living life on your terms and living it well. This doctor-endorsed practice reflects Vaughn’s east-meets-west life philosophy and has found universal appeal and application; placing her on the leading edge of the expanding interest in holistic lifestyle thinking and the positive effects it creates for individuals and corporations alike.


In her book, Shea shares how The 5 Living Principles of Well-Being lie at the heart of SheaNetics® and are powerful tools used in individual coaching and corporate lectures on how to create meaningful and productive results. She also explains how the exercise portion of SheaNetics® is an inspiring and time-saving blend of many respected formats for a creative and effective total body experience – strength, flexibility, body-sculpting and stress relief in one.


Breakthrough provides great life lessons and simple recipes for well-being including Shea’s 5-Day Breakthrough Boost. “All together it’s an easy and effective way to jumpstart your journey to a healthy lifestyle, defeat stress, look great and find total well-being,” Vaughn explains.


Shea Vaughn is a national mind-body expert, master trainer and presenter, author, wellness coach and a recognized spokeswoman for helping others create individual and business well-being. Vaughn is also the founder and CEO of SheaNetics®, the revolutionary wellness and exercise lifestyle practice that delivers a powerful mind-body experience and ignites your potential to look and feel your best on the inside and out. Shea has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the Marilyn Denis Show; is a regularly featured health and fitness expert on Chicago’s Windy City LIVE and The Best Ever You Network and is a frequent wellness commentator for other TV, radio, and print media and corporate events. Her SheaNetics® DVD/CD Mind-Body Collection offers dynamic, one-of-a-kind full body workouts and along with her new book Breakthrough, invites everyone to break through to a new beginning and the life you deserve.


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