"Worth Reading: Awakening The New You"Awakening The New You by Ricky Roberts III is short read that might just transform your life!

Take a journey within with Ricky Roberts III’s latest book, Awakening the New You: The Path to Transformation. The author shares his heart felt reflections with the reader as he looks deeply at his own life and the understandings he has reached in his efforts to live a life of happiness.

Roberts uses a non-abrasive approach to encourage the reader to reflect on their life and gives insightful suggestions as to where and how to begin.

Here is an author interview:

1) What inspired you to write this book, Awakening the New You?

As it is with all of my books, writing is the way I process through the experiences of my life, to find my peace and understanding with them. I felt inspired to share those reflections with others.

2) What are 3 takeaways you wish for the reader to get from reading your book?

They are not alone.

We are here to experience greatness.

To listen to the deepest callings of their hearts and to embrace the highest good in all that is.

3) How is this book relevant in today’s world?

In life, there are things that happen out of our control. In the times of adversity it is helpful to have reminders to look at the bigger picture in why we are here and what we can learn from the adversities we may face.

4) You are the founder of You Are Valued, please share more about this organization with our readers.

To create a movement of valuing one another through c You Are Valued is a nonprofit movement to value one another through community outreach, involvement, discussion and inspiration.

The vision is a world where everyone sees the value in who they are and appreciates the same in others.

We believe everyone matters and deserves to know it. You Are Valued creates positive chance one heart at a time.

5) How can people find out more about you and your book(s)?

You can visit www.rickyrobertsiii.com to learn more about my books.

To learn more about YOU ARE VALUED you can go to www.youarevalued.org