Love doesn’t cost a thing. Yes, it’s true. But if you want to take romance to a higher level, you have to spend your hard-earned dollars and book a romantic vacation. But with the thousands of romantic tourist destinations around the world today, it can be quite difficult for you to decide where to take your special someone. Why not go to one of these popular destinations for romantic vacation:


This US State should be on top of the list because of its amazing natural and man-made wonders such as its attractive islands and beautiful beaches, natural majestic sceneries, finest cuisines, and perfect weather. Here, lovers can enjoy their favorite water sports such as swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Vacations will not be romantic if the couples aren’t chilling out and enjoying the natural beauty of place. Among the fantastic attractions you can visit while you’re in Hawaii are the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Sea Life Park, Panaewa Rainforest Zoo, and Shangri La.


"World’s Popular Destinations for Planning Your Next Romantic Vacation - Paris"Take a flight to Paris and be on your way to the world’s most famous art and architecture and high-class dining destinations that serve haute cuisine. Among the popular destinations for romantic vacation, this place gives you a view of the aristocratic lifestyle way back then. Aside from that, Paris is also famous for fashion – fashion that creates a statement. Mind you, when you spend few days in this large romantic city, you surely won’t go home without a new wardrobe or any stuff with Armani, Chanel, or Prada badge.

But do you know that there’s more to Paris than sumptuous food and outstanding fashion? Religious travelers pay a visit first to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart before going to any other place. This is a must-see for Paris visitors as it is located at the top of the hill. So for your romantic vacation, consider the City of Light and visit the world’s famous Eiffel Tower and River Seine.


"World’s Popular Destinations for Planning Your Next Romantic Vacation - Aruba"With its own extraordinary beauty, Aruba dares you to be different! Here, you need to explore a little to find the real beauty of the place. Aside from its rugged shore and the turbulent waves that carve the natural bridge, Aruba also has the highest hills where you and your loved one can experience the thrill of hiking. You can also choose to tour at Aruba’s countryside where Dutch-style houses can be found.

If you’re from a place with covered with snow, it’s time to be in an entirely different setting. Try to experience Aruba’s warm and sunny weather, and enjoy the picturesque cities and villages in this majestic place. You also shouldn’t miss the country’s popular attractions like the Natural Pool, the Casibari Rock and Ayo Rock Formations, the Arikok National Park, the California Lighthouse and many other scenic spots.


"World’s Popular Destinations for Planning Your Next Romantic Vacation - Cordoba Spain"Take your loved one to Spain and stay away from the frenzied hurly-burly of the city life. Barcelona has historical roads where you and your significant other can take a walk. It also houses the famous Dali Museum and the Cavas Codorniu caves. If island adventure is what your partner wants, you can visit Mallorca, the largest Balearic Island. And since you’re in Spain for a romantic vacation, you shouldn’t miss going to Seville, one of Europe’s most romantic cities.

Though romanticism depends on the individual’s taste, the place where you choose to take your vacation does make your getaway truly memorable. So book a flight to one of these popular destinations for romantic vacation, and ignite the fire between you and your sweetheart.