Copyright Shenzhen Dlodlo Technology Ltd.

Copyright Shenzhen Dlodlo Technology Ltd.

Dlodlo , a global leader in virtual reality technology research and development, has ushered in a new era of VR with the recent release of their highly anticipated wireless, portable and fashion-forward “Dlodlo VR Glasses.” Billed as the thinnest and lightest immersive Virtual Reality glasses in the world, the Dlodlo VR Glasses are now available to consumers craving the latest and greatest in VR technology for $699.

Highly versatile, the multipurpose Dlodlo VR Glasses can elevate a variety of experiences like gaming, movies and apps. In addition, the glasses are well-suited for use in schools, government, and corporations for education and training; in hospitals and medical offices during operations, research and patient consultations; with the disabled; and much more.  In fact, the Dlodlo VR Glasses include an interactive mode with touch and move-enabled controls, so the applications are essentially endless.

Luckily, clunky and heavy head-mounted displays need not apply as the Dlodlo VR Glasses are fashionably designed with the look and fit of sunglasses, and are ultra-lightweight at just 4 ounces—four times lighter than alternative VR systems. Also completely wireless, the Dlodlo VR Glasses are entirely convenient, portable, comfortable and stylish—duly delivering on, and actually preempting, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s own reported goal of introducing a virtual reality headset in 2016 that “eliminates any distinction between the computer product and ordinary eyewear” with a product that “stops looking like goggles or big headsets, but instead it just looks like normal glasses.” This the Dlodlo VR Glasses have now made a remarkable reality.

Also ubiquitous, the Dlodlo VR Glasses do not require reliance on a PC or specific type of smartphone or device in order to use. Rather, the glasses employ the Android 4.4 OS with built-in Bluetooth that allows them to work with any Bluetooth-enabled device like gaming systems, smartphones, tablets, speakers, headsets, stereo headphones, laptops and more.

Aside from being easy to carry, pleasant to wear and wonderfully wire-free, Dlodlo VR Glasses are a technological marvel. They provide the highest Full HD resolution of 2K+ with a 16:9 aspect ratio as well as the fastest 120Hz refresh rate for a display without dizziness, lag, distortion, or screen door effect.  Dlodlo supports 2D/3D switch video, 4K video displays and provides the largest 110° Field of View (FOV) for a fully immersive, no-border VR experience—a visual feast of stereoscopic 3D faming and movies. Indeed, the Dlodlo VR Glasses provide unsurpassed interaction through a leading-edge user interface and open API for a real VR ecosystem. The glasses also employ a physical biomimetic optical imaging design for a wider FOV and more comfortable display. Also notable is that Dlodlo VR Glasses adjust from 58mm to 70mm to account for those with vision problems, who won’t need to wear corrective glasses when using the device.

“At Dlodlo, we’ve adopted an optical imaging system with perfectly combined optical technology and physical hardware using safe, skin-friendly material that’s as light to wear as sunglasses,” said Li Gang, Dlodlo CEO. “Our VR glasses provide a distortion-free top quality 2K Full HD resolution display with biomimetic eye contrast ratio and definition design, so the user has a wonderful visual feast when using the Dlodlo VR Glasses.”

These leading-edge glasses, which come in Black, Ivory and Champion Gold with built-in Microphone, rechargeable 2000mAh battery and Micro USB cable, are available through a variety of retailers, including ,,, Amazon,, Lightinthebox, Deal Extreme, Ali Express, and, among others.

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