International Women’s Day is being celebrated this Thursday March 8th and the contributions of women towards a host of disciplines will be marked on this day. Among these are female entrepreneurs who pursued their dreams and worked relentlessly to make them happen, with the rewards being plentiful not just in monetary terms but also the inspiration they give to other women who strive to make it big in the corporate world.

"the worlds most influential female entrepreneurs infographic"

This infographic from All Finance Tax celebrates the efforts of nine of the most influential female entrepreneurs in the world. Their paths to success might be greatly varied, but they are bound by a determination to make the best of themselves and to believe that their dreams were attainable. It is because of people like Sarah Blakely, Cher Wang and Oprah Winfrey that women everywhere can be inspired by exceptional role models and one day become an inspiration to others. The entrepreneurs featured in this infographic shatter the myth that the corporate world is a male-oriented environment; you can read all about their stories below.


Colette Cassidy is the director of All Finance Tax ( ), a tax consultancy company in Ireland. She held senior accountancy roles with global businesses such as Quantum, Apple and Microsoft before establishing her own company in 2003.