"Working With Your Ex – How to Deal With That?"Our workplace may turn out to be a very good environment for flirtation and romance. It is a fact that there are many people who start a relationship with a colleague, because they see the other person literally every day and spend a lot of time together. And this makes the “no office relationships” rule more and more unrealistic and hard to comply with. And yet, if your relationships with some of your colleagues falls apart, you don’t have to leave your job.

Here are a few tips how to continue working with your ex:

Have a conversation with your ex-partner

The best thing you can do in order to deal with this situation is the C-word. In other words, have an honest conversation with your ex and make some new rules that you should both follow in order to bear your separation and provide both of you with a safe and calm working environment for a long time. It is important to explain to your ex-partner that you want to keep your business relationship, which will save you a lot of trouble and confrontations in the future.

Be professional

It may be quite difficult for you to work with your ex every single day, especially when the separation wasn’t your idea. However, you need to be polite. Don’t stop reminding yourself that your ex is no more than just another colleague and you must treat them as you treat anyone else, and this means you treat them with decency and respect. This doesn’t mean to become a volunteer when starting a new project but rather stay calm in their presence. Try to remember all qualities and professional skills that you liked about them and try to stick to that. Professionalism will help you overcome the past feelings faster.

Try to focus on your work

Try to focus on your work during the day. After all, this is what you are paid for. So, leave the emotions at home and put all your energy and efforts into doing what you are supposed to do. When your brain is busy with your tasks, you have little time to think about other things, including your ex. Try to remember that if you don’t do your job properly or your emotional problems create a bad working environment, you may get fired, and there are a lot of unemployed people who would gladly take your place. So, try to be more productive at work – that will help you overcome your problems and it can even bring you a promotion.

Silence in golden

You may want to talk to some of your other colleagues and share your bitterness and disappointment but the key is not to make your emotions a public issue and remain silent. There is absolutely no need to give the others an opportunity to gossip behind your back. In addition, spitting venom on your ex and discussing some details of your relationship will make you look unstable and untrustworthy. You better keep that to yourself or share your emotions with a friend or a family member. And remember, your Facebook page is not your friend.

Change your schedule

It is quite unrealistic to hope that you will not run into your ex eventually, but you can still try to reduce the change of meeting them. If you were used to going out for a lunch at the same time, try to change your schedule and go for a lunch earlier. You may achieve great results with some minor changes in your schedule, so this is something that is worth trying.

Honesty is the best policy

Patience is a virtue. Be honest and realistic about yourself. Admit it – all of this will take some time and you will never have the former relationship with your ex, especially if there are hurt feelings involved. There is no need to hide your emotions but do not make them public, too. Try to overcome your breakup but make it in a mature way. Be brave and do not let your feelings get in your way when it comes to your professionalism.

Author Bio: Connie Jameson is still single but she believes in the real love.  She works for quality cleaning services  and that makes her really happy. In her spare time she loves to read about relationships.