“Heidi Richards Mooney thank YOU! The article you ran on me in January in the WE Magazine for Women was seen by a GLOBAL (heard in 26 countries) radio show! They contacted me and we are going to be airing in May! YOU so Rock!!!” Kimberly West

“Just saw my interview on WE Magazine for Women. Thanks so much for the opportunity to appear in your great online magazine.” Marion E. Gold

Those are just two of the many comments we receive from women around the globe that we feature on WE Magazine for Women, the business and lifestyle magazine for busy women on the go. Our mission is to inspire women in business and in life. With the help of all the amazing women we feature, our magazine does just that.

If you would like to be featured or know a women who’s story needs to be told, please introduce her to WE Magazine. WE would be honored to showcase her for one of our channels, Women in Business, Women on the Move (under 35), Women on a Mission (who do a lot of community work) and Women in Public Service. Just click on the links below to learn more and see the questions we like to ask!

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