"Women Use Words, Men Tune Out"When women are upset with their man they think that the best solution is to get him to sit down and talk about it. She’ll start talking a mile-a-minute and a man will eventually tune her out. Then she will get upset that he isn’t listening to her and he doesn’t understand why she is complaining because “I can tell you everything you said.”

You need to brand the following phrase into your mind MEN HAVE SHORT ATTENTION SPANS, especially when it comes to problems. You see, men have a silly habit of presuming that every issue you talk about is in some way his fault, even if you aren’t trying to accuse him. He will then try to explain himself, which will make you even angrier and then everything degenerates into a shouting match.

Unfortunately, men don’t respond to shouting or lectures because it is a form of competition. However, men do respond to seeing the woman they love in pain and they do so tenfold if they feel she isn’t blaming them for her pain. Men will move mountains to put a smile back on the face of the woman they love.

So, instead of launching into a long explanation about what is upsetting you which will have him tuning out soon after you start, try a different approach. Simply tell him what you are feeling but keep it short and sweet. You will find he responds much better and will be much more motivated to correct whatever he might be doing that is upsetting you.

Another great way to get his attention without trying to compete with him is to simply walk away and keep your distance. Yes, initially he will be fine but soon he will start wondering if you are upset with him and then he will come to you. When that happens he will be more receptive than if you had to force him to sit down and have “the talk.”