Are you tired of sitting at home in Rochester? Do you have a few weeks free? So, you can give yourself some breathing time by taking a trip somewhere. But, hey! Don’t repeat your destination. Don’t know where you should go? Here is a suggestion!

Why not settle on the option, Miami ? Now, are you looking for a trip partner? Well! You don’t need to. This guide will help you plan your solo trip to Miami. 

Miami Trip- Here’s What You Can do 

You can start by booking a place on South Beach. And don’t forget to book a spot at Rochester Airport Parking to avoid paying for cabs or trains to reach the airport. You can find cheap accommodations around Wynwood district, known for its colorful or trendy galleries and street art. Hey! Don’t forget to eat the delicious Cuban beach while you are at it.

After that, you can take a short ride to the Perez Art Museum Miami. You can use the public transit phone app for your bus bookings. Once you reach the place, you can walk through time. You’ll feel mesmerized entirely by the light sculptures. Then go to the Museum Park Baywalk and fill your insides with the balmy breeze. And end your day with a fancy dinner. 

What next?

"Women Travelers- Use This Guide When Traveling Solo to Miami!"

Women Travelers- Use This Guide When Traveling Solo to Miami!

For the next day, plan for a fantastic time on Miami Beach. Start your day early and take a 45-minute bus ride there. This island is also known as the Art Deco District. You’ll see old Hollywood sign letters on everything from restaurants to the tourist gift shops. 

If you like to have some quiet time, you can opt for a 45th Street Beach corridor. Here you can put your feet into the sand. It’s the perfect place away from the bustle of South Beach. You can also see the place at high speed. You can opt for a Speedboat adventure at the Bayside Marketplace. You’ll also get a chance to see some luxury estates here. As per the popular traveling site , women should visit a spa at the Mandarian Oriental for the best time during Asian spa treatments. "Women Travelers- Use This Guide When Traveling Solo to Miami!"

Enjoy some nighttime in Miami

Aside from the beach, you can also enjoy some nighttime in Miami. It has a buzzing nightlife. And guess what? You don’t have to limit yourself only to clubs. You can look for live jazz music or free salsa dancing lessons. And if you like something upbeat, you can go to clubs that feature famous EDM artists like DJs or rap stars. If you like something laidback, you can go to Bayside Marketplace, where you can get a chain of food stores or boutiques. 

Wrapping Up

Are you looking for another reason to visit Miami? Well! Cruise down Ocean Drive. You can find different things in this single place such as food, shopping, art, to name a few. It is also a good option if you like some relaxation time.

So, watch the unique skyline in Miami and enjoy some “me” time at this fantastic time.