Michelle AmourSome of Texas foster children will no longer enter the system with trash bags full of belongings thanks to Foster Kids Charity.

Dallas County resident, Michelle Armour, is collecting clothing, toys & non perishable food for her new Foster Kids Charity, so that children will have something decent to carry their possessions when moving into foster care.

On June 22, 2008, a Plano traffic wreck killed Geoff Hart; his wife, Christy; their 12-year-old daughter, Rebekah; and their two foster children, Kevinnesha Palmer, 6, and Raven Lucas, 5. Michelle witnessed the accident and was impacted by it. She started to learn more about the foster care system in Texas and now 3 years later she has learned that the very things most of us never take the time to notice – could mean the world to thousands of children who enter the foster system.

Michelle founded Foster Kids Charity, a nonprofit organization who delivers care bags to foster children & needy children (homeless or children who are a victim of abuse & neglect) in Texas. Her mission is to also promote fostering children and help reduce the number of children who stay in the foster care system for so long.

Michelle has been collecting toys; nutrisious snacks/food for children, clothing & other items every chance she gets.

Michelle’s personal mission is making sure the children know it’s not where you came from, but how you carry yourself once you leave.”It’s an opportunity for that child to know their self worth and an opportunity for that child to know that someone else cares and appreciates them,” says Michelle.

How you can help:

Visit Michelle’s website at Fosterkidscharity.org

Donate Funds – online ,check or chase account 962055992. Funds will be used to buy and fill the care bags as well as ship them directly to needy children…

Donate Goods Get rid of your old/new clothing, school supplies, shoes, toys and books. Donate gift cards, gift certificate for fun activities such as: movie ticket, sporting events tickets. Donate non perishable food for kids: peanut butter, apple sauce, cereal bars, boxed juice & milk, crackers, vitamins & others.

Please send or drop items with a letter of encouragement to the address listed below:

Foster Kids Charity Inc. 12830 Hillcrest Rd Suite 111 Dallas Texas 75230