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Woman Inventor Creates an Award Winning Shave

Meet Christy Bonge, Owner of The GoateeSaver Company, LLC in  Little Rock, AR

In the business of Goatees

The GoateeSaver Company, LLC started a little more than two years ago with a Little Rock, Arkansas couple’s simple idea.  Christy Bonge is the owner and president of The GoateeSaver Company, LLC.  Christy Bonge’s goal was to create a device that would help men shave a perfectly symmetrical goatee.  Does that sound strange?  It had a personal meaning to Christy.

Christy’s husband, Scott, a long time goatee wearer, would get frustrated when trying to shave his goatee evenly on both sides of his face.  He would always ask Christy if it was straight.  If it ended up crooked, he would shave it off.  Sometimes he would leave for work and then come back to work on his goatee again.  Since Christy figured other men had to have the same problem, she and Scott started working on what would eventually become The GoateeSaver.

The idea seems simple because it started with Play-Doh.  Christy would mold it over her husband’s face.  She eventually graduated to using plaster and Popsicle sticks.  Ten prototypes later she had what she thought would work.  After taking the creation to an engineer or two, Christy and Scott got a working model.  Christy took this working model to church and would snag guys and ask them to try the GoateeSaver on their face to see how it fit.  She took measurements of gaps and added this to the information which an engineer finally turned their childlike art class creation into the plastic, sleek and refined product it now is.  The end product became the GoateeSaver.

The GoateeSaver became an official company in February 2008.  That same month it became a China manufactured product.  The unique mouthpiece was publicly released in June, and instantly became an international award-winning product.  The GoateeSaver was among more than 800 inventions that were shown and judged by national and international judges at Inpex, America’s Largest Trade Show for New Inventions.  There, it was awarded a Bronze Medal in the Personal Care category.

Today, The GoateeSaver appears on more than 1,500 websites, and has been featured on several radio talk shows, television stations, including The Jay Leno show and The Today Show, newspapers, and magazines around the globe.    The GoateeSaver is currently sold online at www.goateesaver.com and in stores in Little Rock, AR, Christy’s hometown.

For more information about Christy and her company visit:http://www.goateesaver.com

Connect with her on FACEBOOK:


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