Meet Emily Gannett, Co-Founder of KlickableTV in Brooklyn, NY

Emily Gannett is the co-founder of the new interactive video platform, KlickableTV. Klickable videos contain clickable regions that can hyperlink to information such as relevant websites, “DVD extra” type materials, or ecommerce opportunities. Aside from advertising opportunities, Klickable videos provide a more engaging experience and increase time spent with video content. At the same time, KlickableTV offers rich insights into video performance by tracking a variety of metrics that can help understand audience behavior, optimize ad placement, improve product placement opportunities and determine overall engagement levels.

KlickableTV has established partnerships with companies such as The Rachel Ray Show on CBS, Rocawear and IMG Publishing who have all used KlickableTV’s interactive software on their sites. Rachel Ray’s “Klickable Kitchen” directs viewers to learn how to “cook just like Rach,” while Tennis Week uses the technology to drive direct sales of rackets and clothes featured on the Wimbledon courts.

KlickableTV profits when publishers license their software, charging on a cost per click basis. KlickableTV offers several monthly subscription licenses that include access to the Klickable data dashboard, providing publishers with comprehensive user behavior analytics.

Emily co-founded KlickableTV with Roger Wu in 2007 and deals primarily in building partnerships, promotions and marketing but also helps oversee content development. With a strong background in product placement integration, entertainment marketing and experience at various Hollywood studios, Emily was able to set the stage for the birth of KlickableTV. For these achievements, Emily was recognized by DMNews’s “30 under 30” as one of “the best and brightest whiz kids,”  having outstanding leadership and the ability to initiate change within the marketing industry.
Emily graduated from New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts with a degree in Cinema Studies.  She sits on the Board of Advisors at Green Owl Records, an environmentally friendly independent music label under the Warner Music Group banner and is a founding member of the Executive Committee of Social Media Week New York. She is also on the Young Professional Committee of the Innocence Project and the Committee for the Future at the New York Women’s Foundation. In May 2008 Emily co-founded SoundCtrl, which is a network of digital media professionals who are focused on advancing the music industry through the power of the social web.
Emily is an avid skier and tri-athlete, currently training for her fourth New York City Marathon.

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