Meet Selina DeLangre – CEO, and President of Celtic Ocean International Inc in Arden, NC

Selina DeLangre is the CEO of Celtic Ocean International Inc, home of Selina Naturally™ and the Celtic Sea Salt® Brand.  Selina is also Publisher & Editorial Director of A Grain of Salt®, a quarterly publication that provides cutting edge information on all aspects of health & wellness guiding readers to make mindful choices towards a more holistic lifestyle.

Selina, now 50, has been a student of healthy living for nearly her entire life, creating a lifestyle centered around optimal well being.  Her vision for the business has been to organize a similar environment which not only fosters innovation and creativity, but further provides the products and tools that empower others to make mindful choices in support of a healthy body, mind, spirit and planet.

The company was founded in 1976, as The Grain & Salt Society® and introduced the trademarked Celtic Sea Salt® Brand.  In late 2007, the company re-launched under the brand name Selina Naturally™.  Selina realized the Celtic Sea Salt® Brand could not solely represent the wide variety of products, and direction she envisioned.  Selina Naturally™ was unveiled, immediately introducing two NEW product categories: the Portuguese and Hawaiian Sea Salts and the Herb Blends featuring the traditional Celtic Sea Salt® Brand salt. 

Celtic Sea Salt® Brand salts harvested on the coast of Brittany, France are authentic, unprocessed whole salts from one of the most pristine coastal regions and certified by Europe’s Nature et Progrès to be free from pesticides, herbicides and harmful chemicals. Similarly, the Hawaiin and Portuguese salts utilize sustainable harvesting methods respective of their regions.  These methods of harvesting the sea salts not only enhance flavor but maintain the integrity of the salts essential minerals vital to optimal health.

Selina Naturally™ has built its name, and reputation primarily through a grass root marketing strategy focused on intentional networking and building relationships with respected influencers within and beyond the health industry, such as established nutritionists, doctors, chefs and authors.  As a result, many customers arrive through recommendation whether it be for culinary purposes, medical issues, or simply a desire to better their overall diet and lifestyle.   

Selina Naturally™ products are available for purchase in stores across the U.S. such as Earth Fare, Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Ingles Supermarkets, and many independent natural food chains. In addition, products are available through direct to consumer sales via her online retail store and mail order catalog.  The direct sales offer customers access to affiliate products such as organic and natural foods, cutting edge nutritional supplements, and earth and skin friendly bath & beauty products.  This accesibilty and array of products lends to the companies mission to reach the growing global community and provide healthier options to their customers.
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