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Woman in Business Designs Beautiful, Practical Sleepwear For Women

Meet Haralee Weintraub, CEO of Haralee.Com in Portland, OR

Haralee.com, Cool Garments for Hot Women, is a Portland, Oregon based E-Retail company that designs, manufactures, and markets moisture wicking sleepwear for women. Functional, beautiful, sexy sleepwear in pastels and vibrant colors made of silk weight high performance fabric.

Ideal for the woman experiencing night sweats due to menopause, breast cancer, medications or high internal thermostat. Perfect for the woman who just wants to be cool.

Founded in August 2004.  Launched with a fashion show on Portland Oregon local ABC TV show, AM NorthWest, followed by a booth at the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure Health Fair.

These Cool Garments for hot women are sold on line at www.haralee.com and only at the very coolest boutiques across the United States and Canada.

Haralee Weintraub has spent the last 25 years working for Fortune 500 and
100 companies in sales, marketing, training and management. In 2002, with her
invasive breast cancer diagnosis, she looked closely at her career path.
Haralee was familiar with wicking clothing from the gym, the tennis courts,
the slopes and the trails. She could not find the same performance clothing
found for outdoor clothing for sleepwear. The same sweat equation whether
from physical exercise of night sweats was the same; Sweat = Hot = Cold =

With an old sewing machine and bike short fabric she made her first
prototype nightgown. It was ugly and heavy but it worked. She found more
sleep friendly fabric and made another sample and brought it to her breast
cancer support group. They went wild with enthusiasm. Two years after her
initiation into the world of breast cancer, she started Haralee.Com with her
goal to make cool garments for hot women.

As CEO, Haralee is involved in every aspect of the company, designing the
styles, picking fabric colors, as well as the promoting and marketing of the
line. She is devoted to help eradicated breast cancer and donates a portion
of every sale to breast cancer research.

In her spare time, Haralee continues to volunteer off-line as well. She is a
spokeswoman for the Susan G Komen Foundation of Oregon and Southwest
Washington. She is on the board of the Clara Jean Foundation as secretary.
In addition to her own blog, appropriately titled, Entrepreneurial Menopause
Freedom, she is also a blogger for Pink Magazine on menopause in the

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