"Auctiontopia"Only time will tell…

Have you heard about the newest auction site? One that can rival Ebay or Craig’s list?  It’s called Auctiontopia and its liking going to change the way auctions are handled online. Why? Because they don’t charge any fees to list your products (unless you want an enhanced listing) and buyers and sellers can chat through Instant Messaging so there is little or no wait time to find out more about what you are buying/selling and other questions you might have about a particular auction item.

Here’s what it’s all about (according to their website):

Auctionopia is an online marketplace that is designed to simplify and foster communication between buyers and sellers.

In order to make the bidding experience more convenient, Auctionopia has taken the messaging technology as a core of the communication process. Instant messaging is easy to use and makes the negotiating process more convenient. It is something that most of us use in everyday communication process.

Why wait 7 days for an auction to end, when you can talk with the other party over instant messenger and close the deal in five minutes?

For your convenience, Auctionopia has taken away some things that frustrate you while using typical auction sites. There are no listing fees or hidden costs (final sale fees), meaning that you can list anything on Auctionopia for free. We only apply fees when you want to “enhance” the position or visibility of your listing.

Finally – buying and selling online is no longer time-consuming or costly!

WE encourage you to check out Auctionopia.com, Today!