Many researchers claim MacBook to be the first preference of IT professionals throughout the world. In this regard, Apple has released new stats claiming that MacBooks have become the all-be and end all the working class. If not more, there are at least 100 million active MacBook users globally, which is enough to speak the mania for Apple. 

The technological debate between MacBook vs. other branded laptops is never-ending. Although both types have a massive fan-following yet research states that people majorly prefer to rely on MacBooks as compared to the other laptops available in the market. Having said that, not only men but women are turning tech-savvies and demanding the latest macOS to add more to their productivity. 

Some common factors that make Mac the first preference of women at work – 

Interactive user experience – 

Women are in love with sneaking into the details of everything, and that’s what makes the user experience of a MacBook a perfect machine for them. The overall experience of a MacBook is different from the Windows system. But that does not restrict the software and its features. It consists of other components and different factors of the complete user experience too. 

Trackpad setup and keyboard – 

Those who have been using a MacBook for a long time now can’t settle for a different keyboard setup as it is arranged with minimal hand and finger movement, keeping the user’s convenience in mind. The MacBook trackpad setup is often preferred by desktop users the most. Such is the demand and craze for an appropriate and convenient keyboard that a company named Bullet Train made the Express Keyboard Platform ensure desktop users the best trackpad and keyboard setup ever. 

Keyboards – 

MacBook keyboards are well-recognized for their lightweight, exceptional quality that requires minimal finger pressure and creates a light, pleasant sound when keys are pressed. This makes the keyboard usage experience easy and smooth. Earlier, almost a decade ago, typing used to be a noisy experience when the keyboards were stiff and hard. Since then, manufacturers have made a silent keyboard that works smartly without interrupting your keyboard usage experience with annoying noise. 

Trackpad – 

The trackpad is a next-big-thing that gives a MacBook user the immense pleasure to use this ultra-classy machine. Mac users enjoy the liberty to tap the trackpad rather than clicking or hovering over it. Here, the Force Touch trackpad takes the overall user experience to the next level using haptic feedback. When combined, all these features connect and create an impeccable typing, clicking, and scrolling experience. 

Siri – The true AI assistant for you 

Juggling between kids’ schedules and their own PowerPoint presentations seems like a challenge for working mothers or women. Luckily, Apple has introduced smart AI (artificial intelligence) assistants like Siri to manage super-occupied ladies’ lives. Siri helps in everything from switching off the appliances to giving reminders for the upcoming meetings. All in all, you can consider it as your virtual buddy, helping you remain sorted. When it comes to considering Siri as your virtual assistant, people often seem confused if this can be used on any other Apple device than iPhones. So, the answer is yes. Siri can be used on MacBooks and iPads. If you are thinking about how to use Siri on Mac , you can check several online guides illustrating the complete steps for the same. For this, go to ‘System Preferences.’ Click on the arrow keyboard shortcuts and choose the ‘customize’ option to personalize your experience.

Enhanced features on default programs – 

That’s rare for a default software or program of a MacBook to not have upgraded features to try. This helps to enhance your experience while enabling the best for you. Many standard programs come with ordinary features, while these can be improvised by having some paid features in your kitty. 

Some common examples include – 

Signing a PDF document – 

You have access to signing and annotating a PDF document in preview. Here, people often look upon Adobe Acrobat and find out they need a paid version to unlock the required features. This may be the case for Windows users but not for MacBook users. 

Mail from several accounts – 

MacBooks are infused with Apple’s mail program, which users get through Outlook or other similar software. However, the mail comes with similar features, but the Apple mail program is much easier to use and enjoy. It consists of a fully-customizable toolbar that fastens the emailing process. 

Batch renaming – 

MacBook users get access to rename the batch files via MacBook’s finder feature. This feature helps to replace the text, edit it, and change the formatting based on the unique requirements. 

Multiple options for screenshot capturing – 

Hectic schedules or constant meetings often make women skip some important events or tasks. This arises the need to get familiar with some intuitive features like multiple ways to capture a screenshot. However, capturing a screenshot in a MacBook is easy and quick, yet being familiar with multiple ways can help you work like a pro. The best part is it does not require you to have a specific program for the same. 

Users have access to capture a screenshot for a full, selected area or the entire window. Generally, MacBook users are familiar with the first two types but rarely know about the third one. To capture the screenshot for the complete browser window and not the desktop, you can press shift + command + 4 to let the crosshair come up. Now, drag the outline across the browser window to capture the accurate screenshot as desired. As soon as you press ‘ok’ for this, the MacBook will create a .png file and save it on the desktop automatically. 

Conclusion – 

Unarguably, Mac has millions of fans throughout the world. And that’s possible because of its matchless quality experience. From an interactive user experience to the smart trackpad setup, MacBooks have everything that one desires for. Studies are proving how it helps the women of the present age by being their virtual assistant forever and everywhere. 

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