Everyone has to make decisions every day, even if it’s just what to wear or what to have for dinner. We make these choices without thinking, for the most part, and go about our day confident in what we’ve selected.

But as a business owner and leader, you’re likely called upon to make harder decisions than attire and menus. You have to decide where to put your money, how many employees to hire, how quickly you can scale, and so much more. What’s more, all those decisions depend on you, and you alone. It can be enough to trap even the most decisive person in a sea of indecision.

The question, “What if I make the wrong choice?” is one I get asked almost every day. My clients, friends and family members all worry that a single wrong step will torpedo their futures forever. 

I’m going to let you in on a secret: it doesn’t work that way. In fact, that black-and-white thinking is a surefire success killer. The truth? Making the wrong decision is better than remaining paralyzed by indecision every. Single. Time.

There are billions of people who get up every morning and drag themselves to work so that someone else can tell them what to do. You became a business owner to get out of that grind, right? So it’s time to learn how to give yourself the direction you deserve – and the freedom to make mistakes in order to let that happen.

Stop Thinking About Where to Start

My clients are smart, confident people who love to educate themselves. They read books, attend classes, listen to podcasts, and do all their own research about every business move they make. And they pour all of that into the time they spend working with me .

That’s amazing! As an entrepreneur, you should be able to do your own legwork to ensure you have complete authority and control over what you’re building. But the problem comes in when, after all that work and research, you determine you don’t have enough information to comfortably make a decision, and decide to start all over.

That cycle, often called analysis paralysis, has got to stop. You’re never going to get anywhere if you keep going back and forth. In fact, you’re just going to find yourself mired in even more options and even more stress.

No one wants to fail. We expend huge amounts of energy every single day to ensure we don’t make the wrong decision. The control side of us is convinced that if we just have all the information, we can put together the perfect strategy that will protect us from pain, failure and embarrassment. But sometimes, that’s just not possible. That’s when having support behind you as you take the leap really matters.

Take Action

Making mistakes is an inevitable part of making decisions. We’re human! It happens! Think of all the times you’ve fumbled a wine glass, stumbled over your words in a meeting, or called someone the wrong name. Embarrassing? Yes. World-ending? No.

Now, some of your business decisions may carry more consequences than those examples, but successful entrepreneurs know that any mistakes made are mistakes that can only be made once. It’s not your responsibility as a business owner to avoid making mistakes. It’s your job to make a mistake, learn from it, and do what it takes to make sure that never happens again.

When all else fails, go with your gut. You have to be a decisive action-taker to succeed in business. The willingness to take a risk and suffer the consequences is far better than waiting for a perfect solution. If you do that, you’ll be waiting forever!

Get Support

No man or woman is an island – we’re not meant to make decisions alone, and we’re certainly not designed to function in a bubble. If you find yourself waffling about a decision or worrying about what it might lead to, reach out! Contact your coach, text a friend, or call up a fellow entrepreneur for support.

There’s a lot of stress and worry that can go into making tough business choices, and the more in your head you are about it, the harder it’ll be to dig yourself out and go forward with the confidence and clarity you need to make sure your business shines.

It took me a decade on Wall Street before I had the courage to ditch my corporate life and go all in. If I had the courage to start sooner, my companies would be even more successful now. Talk about learning lessons from mistakes made along the way!

You have the opportunity, and the power, to chart your own path forward. Instead of worrying about what choice to make, just make a choice – and trust that you are strong enough and smart enough to handle whatever else happens along the way.

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