By Big Mike McDaniel


Recently I had to spend some time in a hospital waiting room. There were three tables with magazines and most were old and wrinkled. But two stood out for freshness and currency. The first thing I noticed was the subscription label for a local dentist. The label had his name and office and address. My first impression was “nice of him to supply magazines”. My second impression was “wow, what a marketer!”
This is one of those take-your-palm-and-slap-your-forehead and say “duh” moments. Why didn’t I think to offer a fresh supply of magazines to waiting rooms, like my dentist friend? Waiting rooms have potential customers who are captive readers!
Here’s a plan:
First, set a budget for subscriptions. Next, select magazines that compliment your business (but not freebee trade magazines). Have the magazines sent to you, at your business, so your name and address is on the label. Read them as they arrive quickly and carefully so as not to crinkle any pages or make them look “used”.
Take out the “lap cards”. A lap card is that pesky postcard thing that falls in your lap when you open a magazine.Tear out the ones that come with the magazine and insert two of your own. Not only do you get two stars for having your name on a reasonably current magazine in an office or waiting room, but your ad inside falls into the reader’s lap. What could be cooler than that?
The reader can take the card as a reminder, or put it back (most folks don’t throw those things away when reading someone else’s magazine, that’s why you still see them in two year old, worn out mags).
Most waiting rooms and offices will be happy to have you supply current magazines. Keep the custom lap card info to yourself when offering.
Knowing the dentist I mentioned earlier, he probably has several offices that get his magazines on a regular schedule. And I bet when he sees this article, he will be the first to whip up a lap card with a special offer.
Make a few visits or calls to set up your distribution. Cook up a nifty offer and print some lap cards with your computer (use thin card stock just like the originals). When you deliver, pick up any of your magazines that have seen better days or ones that still look good but are way out of date. Your mission is to be current. always keeping your image fresh and sharp.
With this magazine marketing technique, you and your business can be creating a “wow” impression all over town.

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