By Bonnie Marcus

I think we all realize that the key to our success is the ability to promote ourselves and our products and services. In this fast paced business environment, people don’t take the time to seek you out. You need to put yourself out there and let others know about your value proposition. After all, you can build the best mouse trap in the world, but what good is it if you don’t tell anyone about it?

We know we should do this but something holds us back. In some cases, the barrier is our upbringing and the messages we were given since childhood. This negative chatter in our heads tells us that people won’t like us if we brag and it’s not right to toot our own horns. We should be humble and wait to be recognized. Unfortunately, these limiting beliefs sabotage our business and career potential.

Another barrier might be the lack of confidence or belief in ourselves and our product and service. If we truly believe that we have something of value to offer why wouldn’t we let the people who could benefit from our services know about it? If we had the cure for the common cold or some other disease, wouldn’t we let people know so they wouldn’t suffer? Would we hide it and wait for them to guess? Yet that’s often what we do. We don’t let people who need our services know our value proposition.

I see the consequences of this every day. I’ve known women who have great businesses but can’t attract new clients or women who are passed over for promotions because they are waiting to be recognized for their hard work.

Here are some tips to keep connected with your value:

1. Keep a success journal. Each day enter what you accomplished that day that you are most proud of; anything big or small. At the end of the week, review your entries and summarize. What does this say about me? Write some positive affirmations based on your successes and read them aloud each day.

2. When you hear the negative chatter in your head, hit the delete button and insert a positive affirmation. We all have the choice to listen to negative thoughts that sabotage our success or positive affirmations that support our efforts to reach our full potential. Choose the empowering path and propel your career forward.

3. Focus on how what you offer benefits others. This mindset helps to reinforce the value and gives us more confidence to promote our products and services.

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