Whenever it comes to designers, we often end up talking about men. It’s a stereotype that’s prevalent worldwide. Isn’t it? But did you know that approximately 54% of designers in the US are women? That’s huge. 

And it’s not that they are not famous. Did you know that the person who designed Nike’s Swoosh logo was a woman? Yes, you heard it right. It’s Carolyn Davidson. That’s not all. The one who created the original Apple Macintosh interface elements was also a woman, Susan Kare. In short, when it comes to graphic designing, women are killing it!

With designs revolving around systems/ computers today, having the right tool in hand becomes a necessity now. Isn’t it? Like everyone else, even women graphic designers understand that. So, most of them are opting for Mac to produce great work. 

But why is that? Keep reading, and you’ll know.

Graphic Designers Are Choosing Mac Over PCs- Why?

Experts believe that Mac has a rich ecosystem for designers. Even the women designers share the same thought process. In fact, from the start, Apple was inclined towards graphic arts. Precisely why the company came up with the first WYSIWYG word processing with a laser printer and the first color stable graphic system. Not only that, the system renders images better and faster. But that’s not all. 

The following reasons make the Mac a better choice for web/graphic design

  • All the pro apps related to graphic or web designing such as Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Logic, BBEdit are tailored for macOS. So, if you are a serious creative or wishes to showcase the best to your clients, this system automatically helps you achieve that.
  • When it comes to color calibration or display, Mac is by far the superior option available. If you are shifting from RGB and CMYK, you have an idea of what will be printed or displayed. For instance, if you have a supremely important client, even a minute difference in color code can badly impact the outcomes. 
  • Macs are undoubtedly prettier and more UI friendly than PCs. But that’s not all. With tools like Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, disk space tends to get full. But the best part with Mac is that even if you have issues like scratch disc errors, you can easily clean up your scratch disk by getting rid of the temporary files. So, you will never lose your productivity. 
  • You won’t have issues with viruses or malware. You won’t have to go for constant spyware removal. In short, it’s stable, secure, and easy to use. Hence, it helps you save time that you can dedicate towards important projects. 

Wrapping Up

As a pen is to a writer, a digital device is to a designer. And female graphic designers are making it a point to use the best tool to outperform their competition. Undoubtedly, Mac is a better platform in terms of speed and organization. Plus, choosing Mac gives women graphic designers, or for that matter, everyone. Plus, it’s an interface that’s open to art programs. Plus, file management is a lot simpler in Mac as compared to its counterparts. 

And if you compare Mac to PC, there are fewer issues during operation, and the color accuracy is exemplary. In other words, Mac is a more reliable and smoother interface to get things done with a plethora of options to excel in your field. 


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