Yvonne DiVita is President of Windsor Media Enterprises, Inc. (Started in 2004) and BlogPaws, LLC (Started in 2009)

Yvonne DiVita is the author of Dick*less Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online, a book about getting those baby boomer icons Dick and Jane to buy at your website. She is the president and founder of Windsor Media Enterprises, LLC which specializes in business blog building, social media strategy and print-on-demand publishing.

Back in March of 2004 Yvonne started her blog, Lip-sticking, to support brands hoping to understand how women buy online. Today, that blog is a focus on women’s issues and has a small group of guest bloggers who write about success, social media, business, and other topics women care about. Yvonne also writes a pet blog, Scratchings and Sniffings, which is part of the BlogPaws Online Pet Blogger Community (www.blogpaws.com – a community and an offline conference), which Yvonne Co-Founded in 2009, with two other pet bloggers, Tom Collins (her husband) and Caroline Golon of Romeo the Cat. Twitter accounts include @y2vonne, @lipsticking and @mypetblog.

Going forward, Yvonne’s focus will be to continue to help women in all phases of their lives, including their love of pets.

 For more information visit: www.Wmebooks and www.blogpaws.com

Note:Yvonne is one of WE Magazine for Women’s Top 100 Women in Ecommerce™ for 2012. To read about the other 99 women, visit (PDF): http://bit.ly/whoswho2012 or (turning page): http://bit.ly/wewhoswho2012