The Art & Science of Asking for Referrals By Heidi Richards Mooney

Who do you know?”  A question many professionals forget to ask during the sales cycle.  Sometimes it’s because we don’t remember to do it and sometimes it’s because we don’t feel comfortable asking, most often it is because we have not made asking for a referral a habit. A referral from a friend or business associate is a powerful way to introduce you to a prospective customer. 

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a WomanCertified™ Seminar presented by Delia Passi, President of Medelia Communications and the founder of the Woman Certified™ program.  To say it was wonderful would be an understatement. Getting certified and meeting other business owners and professionals who also had the desire to do so, fit my goals.

During her program, Delia talked about asking for referrals and posed the question of how many of us ask for the referral DURING the sales process.  A few of us raised our hands. Then she asked “how many of you ask for referrals once the transaction is complete?” And more hands were raised.  However, about a third of the room did not make it a habit.  I thought, WOW, they are really missing out on a huge chunk of business. After all, my business is built on referrals and I know how important it is to ask my current customers who they know who could use my product; who has a special event coming up; anyone you know getting married that I should contact? And so forth.  All good questions to ask.

I have found that a number of professionals will thank clients for referrals once they receive them, and even reward them. I do that too.

You can read the rest of “Who Do You Know” in the Summer Issue of WE Magazine for Women