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Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce – 2008


About the Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce:

The Who’s Who Directory is a brand new directory resource that will list women who have an online presence either in the form of a website or blog and who either promote a product or service via one of those vehicles (or  make money through affiliate sales).  The woman’s site does not have to have a shopping cart to qualify, just be one of the ways your customers and clients can find you. The information will be published online and promoted via our websites, media releases, WE Magazine for Women and our global network of women’s organizations.   

The main criteria for being listed: The woman-owned site/blog submitted must be at least 1 year old.  We review all entries prior to inclusion and reserve the right to exclude any sites we deem offensive in nature.  Want to get listed? Send your Name, Company Name, Company Slogan or Tagline and Website URL (in this order) to heidi(at)wecai.org with Who’s Who Directory Listing in Subject Line. 

At this time we are only accepting one website URL per person.  Incomplete or improperly formatted information will not be included. Do not send attachments or company logos.

Deadline for submission:  Send the above by February 28, 2008. A confirmation email will be sent in response to your submission. This directory is being compiled by WE Magazine for Women and The Women’s eCommerce Association, International and will be made available digitally once completed. Wishing you a wonderful day, and more!

Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor in Chief

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  2. Lorraine Cohen says:

    What a great idea to create a directory Heidi!

    With all of the incredible resources and services women have online, having a directory would help to make connecting with each other for support, strategic alliances, JV campaigns, and friendships.

    Count me in!



  3. I think the Who’s Who Directory is a wonderful opportunity for women business owners to network and meet one another to showcase our products and services to the online community.

    Thank you!! I appreciate the listing and recognition for my company.

    Best of luck to everyone!!


    Susan Poirier
    Ace Concierge, LLC
    Enhancing YOUR life, one task at a time.

  4. Betty Dobson says:

    What a great idea! And I’m sure this will prove to be just as successful as WECAI’s other endeavours.

  5. Darlene Demell says:

    Heidi, the Who’s Who Directory is a wonderful opportunity for all business owners to get recognition. I think its a super idea and is going to be very successful.

    Thank You and much success to everyone.

  6. What an awesome opportunity for women business owners! Heidi you are always thinking of great new ways for your members to promote themselves, thank you!

    I look forward to the directory coming out, an awesome resource for those of us who are looking for others to outsource projects.

    Rebecca White

  7. This will be a powerful resource for all women who have or plan to have a web presence. It’s time we women take back the power!

  8. I look forward to getting the Who’s Who Directory and being able to find so many resources in one spot. Take care and God bless.
    Gazelle Simmons, Virtual Assistant/Owner of Admin Services
    Vice President of Women Business Owners
    http://www.admnsrvcs.com & http://www.womenbizowners.org

  9. Heidi – Thanks so much for such an informative survey. I will be quoting from it in a presentation later this month (with full credit to you!). I am also very pleased about the directory. It’s a great way for WBO’s to get stronger visibility and recognition.
    Keep up the good work!!

  10. Sheila Tobier says:

    As always, you are head and shoulders above the rest in taking an idea and making it work for you. I continue to learn from you! This was another great idea.

  11. Fantastic Idea! Congratulations and thank you for doing all this great job for women!

  12. Rufer Giselle says:

    Dear Heidi,
    What a great idea. Women are on the move all over the world and this will help them to connect, be recognized, and make a lot of money.
    I would be very happy to be listed.
    All the best and happy Valentine for all.


  13. Thank you for the survey and the valuable and timely information. The upcoming Who’s Who Directory will help us expand our sense of community.



  14. Not only will this directory be a valuable resource for women in business internationally, but it will be a great resource for us to make available to our own site visitors and clients. Brilliant!

    Suzy Miller

  15. Your focus on creating community, connecting women in business, and encouraging us to expand our “worlds” is inspiring! Thanks, Heidi!

    Wishing You Well –

  16. Heidi – what a terrific idea. I have just posted details over at TalkingCoaching.com to share the resource with coaches who are developing their practice online and I will also share the information with my community at Jaiku, Twitter and Utterz.

    Best wishes
    Krishna De
    Bringing YOUR Brand To Life!

  17. This will be wonderful! Thank you, Heidi, for all the work you do for business women everywhere!

    Donna Toothaker

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  19. Thanks for creating a directory! I can’t wait to see all the listings when it becomes available.

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  21. Thanks for creating a wonderful resource. The Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce is not only a great resource to find trusted businesses but it is also a wonderful networking tool. Thanks again!

    Meri Raffetto

  22. As a female Internet entrepreneur I think it’s a great idea to create a directory where we can all find each other. I will post it on my blog to let my circle know about this great service you are providing.


    Debbie LaChusa
    Helping you build your business the easy way … one step at a time!
    BLOG: http://www.10stepmarketingConnection.com

  23. Thank you for this great opportunity! I look forward to seeing the finished directory.

    Stacy Chan

  24. This is a wonderful idea. Congrats!
    I’m looking forward to meeting more business owners.


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  26. The Whos’s Who Directory for Women in eCommerce is such an awesome resource for women in business. The prevalence of ecomerce has really helped to level the playing field. Women with online businesses really can have it all. Thanks for helping to create an old girls network. Look out boys, here we come!

  27. Thank you! This is a wonderful idea to recognize women owned businesses.

    Antoinette Ollivierre, CEC, CEI
    Senior Geologist
    American Environmental Assessment & Solutions, Inc.
    “Solutions for a Better Environment”

  28. ShellyShelly says:

    Heidi, I am looking forward to the directory! You are doing an awesome job for all of us women in home business!

  29. This directory is a great idea and is much needed.

    I am positive that it will prove to be a useful resource for every business person who wants to reach women in business. I have passed this valuable information on to my colleagues.

    Vannie Ryanes
    Editor, Work & Family at BellaOnline.com

  30. This is such a wonderful opportunity! What a wonderful idea to develop this directory so we can all support each other and our businesses! Fabulous! A big thanks to Heidi! With best wishes, Debra

  31. Thank you for offering such a great resource for everyone.
    Vintage Indie

  32. Anne Maybus says:

    Thank you for a wonderful opportunity and resource. This will be great.

  33. Thank you Heidi for this resource and the opportunity to be included. Looking forward to seeing it!

  34. I love it. Self affirmative action!

  35. Catherine Eagleson says:

    Thank you for providing this great opportunity to network with fellow women entrepreneurs.

    Best wishes,
    Catherine Eagleson
    Crosswords for Fun
    Making General Knowledge Fun to Learn!

  36. Without a doubt brilliant!

    Thanks to you Heidi, for all you do!

    Kim aka Koda, the Jedi Master of Prosperity.

  37. Jodie Sparke says:

    A fantastic idea and resource. I’m sure it will be very successful and widely used.
    Thanks so much!!
    Jodie Sparke

  38. Barb Ireland says:

    Thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity. Can’t wait to see the directory!

  39. This is fabulous–what a wonderful resource it will be.

    Too often, we professionals find sources of inspiration and opportunities to network and create joint ventures by accident. While we can hope for serendipity, such efforts don’t always pan out. This directory gives us all the opportunity we need to search for contacts in an ORGANIZED manner, something I really appreciate.

    Julie Bestry, Certified Professional Organizer®
    Best Results Organizing
    “Don’t apologize. Organize!”
    Visit http://www.juliebestry.com to save time and money, reduce stress and increase your productivity

  40. Tami Anderson says:


    Fantastic idea. We will link to you from our blog so as many women as possible can learn about this opportunity.

    Tami Anderson

  41. Much success to all Women Owned Businesses, and especially to the professionals who created this site.


  42. Hi Heidi,

    Thankyou for your efforts in promoting women in business. As a fellow business woman I appreciate how hard it is to draw information together and distribute to the masses. You are an inspiration to us all. Thanks again.

    Kathie Holmes

  43. Heidi,

    You and your team of dynamic women are truly helping women to stand up and be recognized in cyberspace and beyond. This directory and more importantly the efforts behind it are much needed in e-commerce. Thank you for seeing a problem and taking action to help women attain greater visibility. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

    With gratitude,

    Karen D. Swim

  44. Beverly Mahone says:


    You’ve done it again! You constantly set the example by which other women, like myself, should follow. I am so glad we’re connected and I see a very powerful partnersip in both of our futures!

    Please be sure to announce it to the Boomer Diva Nation Community.

  45. This is a great idea and a fabulous opportunity for women to find and network with each other. Thanks for creating this valuable resource!

    Lisa Moren Bromma

  46. Heidi this Who’s Who Directory is going to be an incredible resource!

    As a business owner, one of my main focuses (and passions) has always been developing relationships and building alliances in a personal way. Your response to my request, and the responses of the other incredible women who will be part of this directory, already show that same personal touch!

    Thank you and I look forward to seeing the directory!

  47. Judy Mcleish says:


    Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful resource. It will be tremendously valuable to have all of this information in one spot and will certainly help to provide both networking opportunities and exposure to women.

    Thank you again,

  48. This a wonderful resource for all women in business. Thank you for taking the time to put together a directory for women in ecommerce also for those with an “e-presence”!

    Best Wishes,


  49. Heidi,

    This is a great idea!

    Biana Babinsky
    Need More Clients?

  50. Thank you very much, Heidi, for all your work on this woman-to-woman business effort. In my work advising college and MBA applicants, I find myself working especially hard to inspire young women to raise their expectations. Let’s work together!

  51. Heidi,

    As always, you are the go-getter and get things done. Thanks for putting this together for women business owners around the world.
    I put the link to this post on my site…to allow my subscribers and visitors to know about this great opportunity.
    Very terrific idea!

    Warm wishes,

    Teresa Morrow
    Key Business Partners
    Virtual Administrative & Online Promotion
    for Coaches, Speakers & Writers
    Allow others to know the “music of your heart”

  52. Gillian Hood-Gabrielson says:


    Once again, you have outdone yourself, this is a wonderful idea. Thanks so much for creating this, I can’t wait to see the final product and start connecting!


    Healthier Outcomes

  53. Kristen Beireis says:

    What an amazing resource and information repository you have created here?!

    As someone who works with many online women business owners, I can see this will be a wonderful place for all of us to visit frequently. Thank you for creating the opportunity for us. It’s a wonderful gift.

    Create a great day!
    Kristen Beireis
    Helping Coaches clear their “marketing plates.”

  54. Dr., Sally Witt says:


    I am so excited to be a part of the Who’s Who Directory. What a wonderful resource and opportunity.

    Thank you!


    Sally Witt, Breakthrough Coach/Hypnotherapist
    drsallywitt@gmail.com 215/736-0900
    skype: drsallywitt


    Feel free to send me an invitation to link, or to be a friend on any of the sites!

  55. Heidi,

    Thank you so much for giving us the Who’s Who Directory, a tool to help get the information out there. A resource to connect with like minded entrepreneur ladies. I am so thankful you allowed me to participate.

    Thanks Again,

    Tina Reinkemeyer

  56. Charlotte Deam says:

    Dear Heidi,

    The directory is a great idea and will be a great resource for women owned businesses. Looking forward to seeing the directory when it is live.

    Charlotte Dean

  57. Heidi –
    Next time some one asks me “where are the women online?” I’ll know exactly where to send them!

    Thanks for your efforts in putting together what will be an important resource.



  58. Heidi, the Who’s Who sounds like a great idea! Well done!

    Best wishes,
    Judy Rees


  59. I am excited to be part of this growing network.
    Thank you!

    Heather Goff

  60. Carol Deckert says:


    You are an amazing creator of such wonderful opportunities for us to promote our business. It is with honor that I submit my info to be included in your new directory. Thank you so much for allowing me to include my networking coaching information! I’m so excited to watch this project grow and evolve!

    Yours in networking,
    Carol Deckert, Networking Maven
    Referrals Unlimited Network

  61. Heidi,
    This is a great idea and a needed resource. I appreciate you putting it all together. I am doing my small part to spread the word about it. I wrote a blog post about it http://www,artofallowingmindset.com and put a track bac, and I wrote about it in my newsletter, so hopefully lots more women will contact you to be included. Great work Thank You

  62. Heidi,

    I think this directory for professional women is such a great idea. Thanks for all you are doing. It helps all of us to be more visible and to network and to see what other women are doing.

    Keep up the good work and stream of ideas!

    Nina Cherry, Coach

  63. Carol Flake Chapman says:

    This resource will help connect us and remind us that we are not alone in building women-oriented businesses and resources to help women succeed. My mission is to build confidence, skills and knowledge to help women in investing, and building an online community and network is part of that work. When we share our knowledge and experience, great things happen. Thanks for including me in this terrific project.

  64. Lisa Duhamel says:

    Excellent way to get connected!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity.

    Many kudos!


    Lisa Duhamel, Owner
    Virtually Ready, Inc.

  65. Fantastic! How great to have recognition of women in e-commerce. I remember some years back when I was involved in a computer retail business, families coming in to buy a family computer and the girls being firmly told this would not be something they would be using.
    I also remember working on a computer upgrade in the workshop and a customer coming in with a salesperson, seeing me working on a computer and saying he would only buy a computer if he was sure that I had not touched it because women could not use computers.
    I also remember reading “Windows for Dummies”where it listed how much disk space, ram etc you needed to run windows – PLUS TESTOSTERONE! Ye goods!
    Equally I remember when I started my environmental management system consultancy, being told that women were bad luck on a fishing boat and that they were only useful in the kitchen and the bedroom!
    Thank god we have moved on and I applaud all the other women, like myself who are CEO’s of their own businesses in E commerce!
    We need to hear each other’s stories and publish them so that those who are still being help back by senseless nonsense about women’s limitations, can increase their confidence because that is the only real hobble. it is the hobble we allow to be put on ourselves!
    Go Girls!

  66. Heidi,

    Thanks so much for creating another way to get my name out there. I’m always excited to find free ways to advertise and build awareness. It’s a great tool for the women entrepreneurs out there.

    Thanks again,

    Jennie Baer

  67. Thanks for creating this great resource for women entrepreneurs. Since business is built on relationships, this will be a great tool for women to connect and begin making valuable alliances.

  68. Deborah Carraro says:

    Fantastic idea! Can’t wait to start networking with you all!

    Deborah Carraro

  69. Heidi,

    Thank you so much for making this available! I’m always looking for ways to get my name, business, blog, and website out there! We entrepreneurs will take any help we can get!

    Brittany Bowen

  70. A much needed directory, A cool resource, Thanks

  71. Thanks so much for having the Who’s Who Directory. I’m excited to have the opportunity to have our webstore visible to all and to have the opportunity to find contacts and business partners.

  72. Thank you for providing this directory. I’m happy to have the opportunity to become part of it. My business is a bit off the beaten path (I am a belly dance teacher) but as I have a book, and DVDs in production, I rely on internet commerce as much as I do my local students and word-of-mouth. This is a perfect opportunity to network and see how you all are growing your businesses on the internet.

    Thank you again!
    Amira Jamal

  73. Tammie Ingram-Grim says:

    WOW! What an awesome idea….I am always so amazed by all of the women out there that are aspiring to be great, and inspiring others to be greater! When we all stick together, we can accomplish anything! Please feel free to visit with me, I would love to hear from you! I love to network with everyone, and hope that you will find some inspiration from me also.

    Tammie Ingram-Grim, Director/Team Leader/Career Development
    Not Your Mother’s Tupperware

  74. A directory about women for women is a great idea. We’re here to help each other. There’s a lot of talent and creativity among us. Your directory offers a way for us to share one another’s unique expertise. Thank you!


  75. This is a great idea and will be a great resource.

    http://littlebytesnews.com -Parenting resources newsletter free ebook offers & more!
    http://giftspartysuppliesandmore.com/ -Family friendly, for all events/occasions!
    http://wahbusinessdirectory.com -Low Cost Advertising!
    MamasTimeOut©- http://mamastimeout.com 30 min moms support show Suns @ 2:30 MST

  76. Anna Campbell says:

    This is such a wonderful directory. Thank you so much for helping to put this together Heidi. I know all the ladies participating will be blessed.

  77. Jaelin K. Reece says:

    I’m looking forward to the Who’s Who directory. I think it’s a fabulous idea! Thank you for putting something like this together Heidi.

  78. come to my website to find Gramma Shirah Says Words of Wisdom and Gramma Shirah Says More Words of Wisdom. Women of Wonder Workshops and Redirecting Children’s Behavior are also featured. Thanks to Heidi for this marvelous opportunity.

  79. Heidi ~

    I love how you’re putting women business owners in the spotlight. I’ve always wanted to be in the “Who’s Who of….” We’re all very lucky to associated with you.


    Barb Desmarais

    Parenting and Life Coach

  80. It is such a joy to be surrounded by so many talented women. The information contained here will be a great benefit to all who use it. Networking and sharing with all of you will be blessing and honor. Thank you Heidi and who contributed.

    Warmest Regards,

    Diana Lewis

  81. Rosemary Ritchie says:

    Thank your for this opportunity to list my business in your directory. With the amount of spam coming into our mailboxes, it’s great to open new mail and get connected to a site dedicated to the success of women in business. I’m looking forward from learning much from your group.

    Flowers Unlimited
    A Division of Unlimited Flower Services Inc.
    102-1675 Hornby St.
    Vancouver BC
    V6Z 2M3

  82. Heidi,

    Thanks for the invitation to put my name out there. I look forward to meeting some of the other women entrepeneurs listed in the directory. I will also promote the directory and the site to members of my other networking groups.

  83. What a wonderful way to connect Heidi! Thanks for this, I did a few blogs on your listing and magazine and am a big fan!

  84. Dear Heidi,

    Thank you for the opportunity to add my coaching business to your directory.

    What a wonderful resource and avenue to connect with other brilliant professional women.

    In Balance,



  85. It’s always great to be able to connect with other online women in business. Thank you for the great opportunity Heidi!

    Nota Bene Consulting
    Victoria, BC

  86. Frayda Kafka says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to be included in your directory.
    Frayda Kafka CHT

  87. Great idea! Women are realling making waves these days. I can’t wait to be listed in the directory.

  88. Debbie Stevens says:

    G’day Heidi,

    You are doing a brilliant job! Nice to see a woman leading the way with her savvy ideas for others. The only way is up!


    Debbie Stevens


  89. Nanc Johnson says:

    Please sell me more of what you need to get the Small Business Referral Network in this directory. Nanc Johnson

  90. Beverly Mahone says:


    You are always on the cutting edge of doing something new and something that is so needed! I’m glad we’re on the same team!

  91. I would love to be included in the directory. Heidi what you have done with this network is truly amazing. I love it. Please include me in the directory.

  92. Rona Dahlgren says:

    I almost overlooked the deadline. What a great idea to have an enhanced listing as well.
    thanks so much for the information and opportunity.

  93. Dear Heidi,

    What a great idea!

    Please count me in.

    Best regards,

    Agustina Thorgilsson

  94. Thank you for the opportunity Heidi!

  95. Just realized that I had better slip into my stilettos, get over to your site and pull out my favorite lipstick to write on your board before it’s too late.

    Thanks Heidi!

  96. Donna Grimes says:

    Hello Heidi,
    Thank~you for this opportunity.
    I have sent you an email to be included in your directory. Thank~you.
    I have also sent you a B2B Networking site that is great for finding Women in Business’.

    Wishing you the Best,

    Donna R. Grimes

  97. Robbie Motter says:

    In addition to being the oner of Contacts Unlimtied I am also the Western & Mid Atlantic Regional Coordinator for NAFE the largest business women’s group in the US and one of the Founders of the For You network a 501 C3 womens network whose mission is to help women grow both personally and professionally. For You has 20 local connection networks in Southern CA and are NAFE affiliate networks

  98. Thanks for helping women connect, I love opening your site and being inspired, always casting a refreshing and insightful light, and for your work on keeping this all going and I love perusing the newsletter when it arrives. Grateful to be included in the directory.

    Gaby Ruvolo

  99. Hi Heidi- please include me. I got my Seller’s Permit in CA a yr ago Feb, and have been doing business ever since with my Living Dream Gardens. My website is currently under construction, though, since I bought an SBI package at the end of the year. Thanks for all you do to help women thrive. Regards, Helen Sherry

    PS Is there a form I should be filling out for the listing- couldn’t find the link if so.

  100. Stephanie Hester says:

    Thank you for putting together the Who’s Who Directory. This will be a wonderful resource not only for business contacts and networking, but also for personal use.

    Many blessings on the growth of your site,

  101. Sheryl Glickman says:

    Thank you for setting up this wonderful site. I will enjoy reading about the powerful women in business. As a small business owner, I have experienced how hard it is to get your site out there! This is a great tool. My products are hand made by me, I have received great feedback from my customers. They are all Reiki charged and they work! They even put an add in Central Equine Magazine! If all small and large women business owners patronized each business listed imagine what WE could do for each other!! Even if we just promoted by would of mouth and e-mail links!!! Thank you Heidi, for all your HARD work, dedication and support to Women In Business!

  102. Thank you, Heidi.
    I think it’s a great thing, you are doing.

    Best wishes.

  103. Jeanne Peek says:

    I found a niche about a year ago with my web site. I help auto dealers who want a nice web site and SEO services but don’t want to pay extraordinary prices. It’s been a great service and I am looking forward to expanding it to other areas in the near future.

    Jeanne Peek

  104. Heidi Richards says:

    The all new 2010 directory launch will be in mid-October. Stay tuned everyone because it will be interactive and you will be able to submit your information to the directory once it goes live!



  105. The internet truly has no ceilings. I’ll be following these gals!
    .-= Thomas´s last blog ..Choosing an eCommerce Shopping Cart =-.