One shoulder dresses are the epitome of female fashion. It goes without saying that the new age of designers and fashion artists have put such unique twists and concepts on this otherwise simplistic dress type, that they have made it a staple for the foreseeable future of fashion. 

The color white looks good with everything. It doesn’t matter what color the rest of your accessories or outfit are, if the main part of it is the color white, the rest of them blend in perfectly. It takes center stage, no matter how vibrant the rest of your outfit may be in its color scheme. 

So, what do you get when you combine the new wave of fashionable, trendy one shoulder dresses and mix it with the grace and power of the color white? Well, you get some of the most powerful, awe-inspiring female fashion wear we have ever seen: white one shoulder dresses. White one shoulder dresses are some of the most graceful pieces of fashion we have ever seen, with an air of royalty that is simply unmatched by any other piece of fashion. 

Below, we have listed some of our personal favorite white one shoulder dresses, so you can spice up your wardrobe game to keep up with the ever-evolving world of fashion. Also you can find more white one shoulder dresses at Bellabarnett.

Dasha Modern White One Shoulder Dress

Alieva specializes in elite female fashion, and they more than keep their reputation intact with this absolutely sensational piece of fabric. It is a beautiful coming together of bodycon and a one shoulder dress, giving it a breathtaking concept. What’s more, the sole sleeve of the dress is present not on the same side as the shoulder strap. Rather, the sleeve is on the opposite hand, further promoting the sui generis atmosphere surrounding the dress.  

Cut from the Ponte De Roma fabric that has the unique quality of smoothening around the curves of the body, thus making them more prominent.  

This otherwise pricey dress is currently on sale, available for $150 at the moment. And if one considers all the factors we mentioned, that is an absolute steal.


Ruffle White One Shoulder Dress

This magnificent cross between a bandage dress and a one shoulder dress with the added ruffle from iulover is exactly the type of innovation we were talking about when we said that fashion artists have managed to put twists on this traditional dress that are set to keep it in fashion. 

Priced at $94, it is the perfect white one shoulder dress that your wardrobe is missing. 






Ribbed White One Shoulder Dress

As usual, we’ve saved the best for last. This mind-boggling piece from Neiman Marcus is a work of art if we’ve ever seen one. 

With some of the best quality fabric on the planet, double sleeved design with a slanting chest, it is the perfect white one shoulder dress. 

However, perfection comes as a hefty price, as this dress will cost you almost $900. This is not a regular addition to your wardrobe: if you buy this, it is as the star of your clothing collection.


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