By Joyce Hansen


Do you hear words and wonder where they are coming from?  Do you turn around and wonder if someone said those words walking behind you?  Do you think you heard them on the radio and are having a flashback?  Don’t worry – it is your intuition speaking to you and begging you to listen.

Intuition is so important but often ignored for faster, more logical ways of reaching answers to questions or concerns.  We are born with intuition but often it is not paid attention to as a valuable tool to use in life.

While learning to trust intuition, some people go through a time when their life seems to be falling apart.  Don’t be alarmed if you are experiencing the feeling of “is this all there is”?  Sometimes work, relationship, and family dynamics need to change because you are changing and shifts happen for a reason.  It is normal to feel uncomfortable, irritable and unsettled when you are ending old patterns of behaviour and developing new ones.

Do you feel a gnaw in your stomach when you are weighing the pros and cons of whether to proceed with one course of action over another?  Do you proceed anyway even if you don’t feel the course of action is right because there is no logical reason why you shouldn’t proceed with the choice you keep coming back to?  What results have you experienced?  How did the results of your choice impact you positively or negatively?

Remember that things that aren’t working for you may reflect old patterns that need your awareness, attention, and healing.  As you do the meditative work, things will start to shift in your life as you becomes less influenced by the outer world and more influenced by your inner world.

Notice what’s on your mind right now and pay attention to those things your mind keeps coming back to.  Be aware of how your body feels.  Is there something you need to pay attention to or take action on?

In learning to follow your intuition, start with baby steps.  As you pay attention to what your intuition is telling you on a consistent basis your inner guidance will come through more clearly and consistently.  You will find that when you are connected with your intuition, that you are usually calmer, have less fear and move throughout the day with a sense of calm and ease.

Trying checking in with intuition as often as you check your e-mail, g-mail, snail mail…and you will be mentally healthier, achieving focused results rather than feeling scattered from listening to outside influences.
Copyright Class Act Connections 2009.  Joyce Hansen, President of Class Act Connections is an intuitive branding specialist helping individuals and entrepreneurs to maximize their brand and uniqueness.  She has developed a “Manifesting Success” program to assist her clients to create and implement their own success strategies.  Joyce can be reached at or  905-278-0952 .