Dr. Marketing Does it Again…   By Simone Kelly Brown

Can you feel their pain? Where does it hurt is a question you should be asking yourself when marketing to your customers. Oh sure, you might say, “Wow, that’s so harsh.” However, look around your desk, your home, and your office and you’ll notice someone already hit you where it hurts and you didn’t even realize it.

Take a quick observation of:
• The cell phone you just bought your 12 year old so he can call you in case of emergencies. And of course the family cell phone plan to save some extra bucks.

• The Will and Life Insurance you and your wife just purchased, “just in case,” so the house and your business are protected.

• The Norton Anti-virus® and Firewall® you bought for your computer so that you won’t lose important files in case of a virus.

• The accountant and financial advisor you just hired to save you from not having or making enough money.

• The low fat milk in your fridge to prevent you from gaining weight.

• And something as simple as sun block with extra protection to prevent sunburns and even skin cancer.

Oh yeah, marketers can feel your pain and they hit you where it hurts. That’s what I also call good marketing, since these companies are armed with PhDs in emotional marketing. They truly understand you and they got that sale: didn’t they?
For you to accomplish the same goal in your business, just start thinking about how you are going to SOLVE their problem or prevent some type of earth shattering pain from happening to your potential customer. I’ll give you an example of something that I just experienced last week. When my husband and I bought our new home we got quotes from alarm system companies. In one of the meetings, I was there by myself with the alarm rep who had a blast trying to scare the daylights out of me. (A women alone—vulnerable and naive he thought—but ~a hem~ being armed with a Dr. Marketing degree myself I was amused. I held my laughter in and let him try to SELL ME.

He laid down the list of statistics and even though we live in a safe neighborhood, around the corner from the firehouse and police precincts, you just never know. Right? He proceeded to tell me about how he found an old co-worker dead about 15 years ago, just one town over from where we are currently living. He also reminded me that the construction guys working on the roof next door could be watching my every move. His great story telling and statistic dropping were good strategies at trying to get me where it hurts. If I was unarmed with the knowledge I have about emotional marketing, I probably would have signed on the dotted line right away.

Now that you know more about emotional marketing, you can use it to your advantage for your business and your own purchases! Good luck.

Own Your Power,


Simone Kelly-Brown is CEO of Own Your Power Communications, a company dedicated to personal growth and business development. She is also the Business Writer for WE Magazine for Women. simone can be found online at www.ownyourpower.biz