By Ricky Roberts

Excerpted with Permission:

Live Your Truth

            Now that I have touched base on much of the programming that we endure throughout our life, and the fact that we don’t need to follow the herd or live in the box, you may ask, “Now what? If society’s way isn’t always right for me, or the way that I thought was right isn’t, what is my way?”

            I’m convicted of the reality and possibility of manifesting and attracting the life that you’re here to live, through prayer, meditation, and devotion to your higher purpose. The visions that are within the depths of your heart are there for you to fulfill. If you believe in that vision, see that vision, act upon it, and know that you are worthy of it, it will become your reality.

            A very spirit-filled and wise lady that I met at a book signing told me:

Whatever you can vividly imagine

Heartedly desire

And actively act upon

Must inevitably come to pass.

                                    —Author unknown

            You must first know that your visions/dreams are coming from your heart, and the intentions behind them are pure. Once you see the vision or feel the path that you are meant to follow, know that it doesn’t automatically happen without your efforts. It may even take most of your life before it comes to be. However, if you are convicted in your heart, and you devote yourself to following it, you will come to know the joy of living it.

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